Where is Character Viewer in Mac? How to Use It?

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No matter, it’s an Apple Keyboard, you won’t get direct access to Emojis or Special Characters in just one click. But, it’s not impossible too. Character Viewer, a hidden program for Mac, MacBook, is stocked up with tones of Emojis, Accented Letters, and Symbols that you would need anywhere, anytime. Just pressing a Command+Control+Space Bar gives you access to all the Emojis and many more things, and insert with no additional settings or anything that could piss you off.

Read the article, this will not disappoint you, and of course, you will get a more hands-on Mac with new symbols, emojis, and more. Apart from that, if you want to know anything, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Where is Character Viewer and How to Customize Character View on Mac

What is Character Viewer?

Character View App stores hundreds of Emojis, Characters, and Special Symbols that you might not found on the Keyboard or in a third-party keyboard app. It’s one type of hidden app that is not visible either in the Application folder or Utility folder, but yes, it exists. With no extra effort, you can launch the Character View using the keyboard command.   

Control + Command + Space Bar

Character Viewer has a huge collection of different type of Emojis and Symbols like,

  • Emoji
  • Arrows
  • Bullets/Stars
  • Currency Symbols
  • Latin
  • Letterlike Symbols
  • Maths Symbols
  • Parentheses
  • Pictographs
  • Punctuations
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These are the major categories available, plus when you choose one of these options, there are few more sub-categories there to explore.

To make it more powerful, if you know the name of the symbol, just use the Search bar to search anything from the Character Viewer’s collection.

The Character Viewer can be used with Notes App, Documents, Keynote, Messages, etc. or say anywhere you can type a text, the Character Viewer can be used to insert Emojis and special symbols.

Where is the Character Viewer on Mac? How to Use it?

Character Viewer on Mac is hidden and can be accessed from any app on Mac. For instance, you want to type a Mail Message or WhatsApp or any App where the Text field is available, just pressing the Command + Control + Space keys on the keyboard to launch the Character Viewer on Mac.

From the Character View, you can search the Special Symbols, Emojis, and other symbols and once you’re done with using symbols and emojis, then close the Character Viewer on Mac.

Anytime the Character Viewer can be accessed from the Command + Control + Space Keys right away.

For MacBook with Touchbar, tap on the Emoji button on Touchbar and pick the Emoji to add into Document.

How to Customise the Character Viewer on Mac?

Additionally, macOS allows us customizing the Character Viewer in a way you want. There are several customization options available for Character View, and it might make things easier for you.

Click on the Edit in the top menu bar; on any app that you’re currently using.

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Select Emoji & Symbols.

  1. Change Size: Find and click on the Gear icon, and from there, you can adjust the size of the character to show in an app. Select size from Small, Medium, and Large.
  2. Add to Favorites: Furthermore, if you need a few symbols and emojis regularly, then add them to favorites. Select the Favorites and then add the Favorite Emojis and Symbols in a row.

How to See Frequently and Used Characters Emoji

Check Frequently Used: Besides, “Frequently Used” options is available, the macOS will automatically collect and show to you the most used emojis and symbols. And if you wish to clear Frequently Used emojis and symbols and click on the gear icon and select Clear Frequently Used Characters.

Open Character Viewer on Mac [Control + Command + Space Bar] to open Character viewer. and Enlarge the Character viewer.

Click on More option > Clear Frequently and Used Characters Emoji section.

That’s it.

How to Add “Show Emoji & Symbols” in Top Menu Bar on Mac

We can also add shortcuts for “Emoji & Symbols” in the top Menu Bar. Click on the A icon on Top Right Menu Bar to see the option for that. Follow the below steps for add,

  1. Click on Apple Logo from top mac menu > System Preferences.
  2. Click on Keyboard > Input Sources Tab > Enable checkbox “Show input menu in menu bar“.add-show-emoji-symbols-in-top-menu-bar-on-mac
  3. That’s it.


We can open Character viewer on Mac from anywhere using the Edit Menu bar option when your open document or use Keyboard Shortcut for Find and Search Emoji on On Mac. Using this Character viewser we can type mathematical Expression, How to Type Square symbol or Cube Root on Mac.

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