Which Apple Watch 9 Color You Should Buy in 2024?

Ranging from Graphite to Silver, Apple offers 3 color options for their stainless Steel casing watches. The aluminum casing watch comes in 5 color options, including the new pink shade. Read on to find out which Apple Watch color is the best for you.

The Apple Watch Series 9 introduces new color options while retaining similarities with the Series 8, including aluminum and stainless steel material choices. With Pink, Midnight, Starlight, Product (Red), Gold, Silver, and Graphite color options, users can customize their watch to suit their style and preferences while contributing to noble causes with the Product (Red) option.

The newly-unveiled Apple Watch Series 9 (New 2023 Apple Watch Model) is similar to its predecessor–the Series 8 Apple watch–in several ways. It is similar to its predecessor in terms of the overall shape, build materials, and color options, except for the pink color.

Available in bother 45 mm and 41 mm size options, the Series 9 Apple Watch comes in two material options: aluminum and stainless steel. For the aluminum watches, the manufacturer offers five color options: Pink, Midnight, Starlight, Product (Red), and Silver.

As for the higher-end stainless steel Apple watches, you get to choose from three color options: Silver, Gold, and Graphite. To help you decide on which Apple Watch color you should buy, we’ll review each of the available color options. Additionally, this guide also touches on thavailable band options so that you can better accessorize you Apple Watch Series 9.

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Apple Watch Series 9 carbon neutral lineup
Apple Watch Series 9 carbon neutral lineup

What Colors Does the Apple Watch Series 9 Come in?

As opposed to the Ultra 2 Watch, the Apple Watch Series 9 is offered in two material options, stainless steel and aluminum. Each of these variants is offered in multiple color options to suit different user needs and preferences.

Of the two finishes, stainless steel is the premium option and only offers 3 color options. The stainless steel finish now comes in a choice of five colors for the Apple Watch Series 9. Get to know what each of the Series 9 Watch colors look like and when you should choose them.

Aluminum Casing Apple Watch 9 Color Options 

Just as is the case with its predecessor, the aluminum finish is the more affordable Apple Watch Series 9 variant. While this the lower-end Apple Watch option, the manufacturer offers a choice of five amazing colors.

The aluminum casing Series 9 Apple Watches come in the following colors:

1: Apple Watch Series 9 – Pink

Apple Watch Series 9 Midnight

In addition to the four color options featured on the Series 8 Apple Watch, the manufacturer introduced a new color option for the Series 9 watch–Pink. Buying a pink Apple Watch is a bold move and certainly not for everyone.

The Pink color option on this model is not metallic Rose Gold, but rather an actual pink hue. As fascinating as this new Apple Watch Series 9 color may appear, it is not the first time Apple is offering Apple Watches in a Pink shade. A similar color shade was offered for the first Apple Watch and named the rose gold Edition finish.

Pink also made an appearance in the Apple Watch Series 2 in the form of a rose gold aluminum finish. It was later discontinued, apparently due to the low sales.it attracted. If you’d like to accessorize using extreme levels of Pink, then you should go for the pink Apple Watch Series 9.

2: Apple Watch Series 9 – Midnight

Apple Watch Series 9 - Starlight

The Midnight hue carries over from the Apple Watch Series 7. As compared to Space Gay, Midnight is the better option if you happen to be looking for a darker and moodier case potion. With the watch resting on your wrist, the Midnight color appears almost black with minimal sheen.

However, you can barely see hints of deep blue on this color option with closer inspection. So, what color is the Starlight Apple Watch Series 9? The Insight Series 9 Watches are rather black in appearance–you can only tell that is a dark blue shade under very bright light.

This color option works particularly well with a formal look–and complements almost any Apple Watch Series 9 band style and material. When used on the aluminum frame, the Midnight shade offers a glossy dark gray finish. It is an elegant, yet sporty color option that is sure to give you the stealthy appeal you need.

To attain a stealthy look, try to pair your Midnight Apple Watch with a simple black.band or a contrasting band option.

3: Apple Watch Series 9 –Starlight 

Apple Watch Series 9 - Starlight

For the Apple Watch Series 7, the manufacturer replaced the Silver color option in earlier models with the Starlight shade. However, they are nothing alike. Starlight is more of a champagne color than it is a shade of silver.

As compared to the natural silver tone, Starlight is warmer. To complement this transition, Apple also introduced a range of Starlight accessories–in place of classic white accessories. The Starlight shade on Apple Watch series 9 is neither true gold nor true silver.

You’ll find such a desaturated blend of colors perfect if you wear mixed metal jewelry. However, you may find the shade to be a little off when you try to match it with silver Apple Watch bands. As a compromise, try to pair your Starlight Apple Watch with neutral cram bands.

This Apple Watch Series 9 color works particularly well with Solo Loop bands in a funky color. You can also pair them with the more subtle Starlight Sport Loop band instead.

4: Apple Watch Series 9 – Silver 

Apple Watch Series 9 -Silver

Silver is the only Apple Watch color that is offered for both the aluminum and the stainless steel variants. However, it appears a little different in either case. When used on the aluminum Apple Watch case, the Silver shade looks fairly matte.

In this case, it offers a rather natural finish that works great with both metal.and leather Apple Watch bands. The silver color option on aluminum Apple Watches will give you a classic look. You’ll find this to be a rather versatile color option

5: Apple Watch Series 9 – Product (Red)

I find the Product (Red) All Watch Series 9 color option to be the punchiest of all, offering a saturated and vibrant hue. While it looks rather familiar, this color is not for everyone. You could pair this color with contrasting colors or just opt for the hot red band options.

Since 2006, a part of the proceeds generated selling the Product Red Apple products is donated to help the fight against health emergencies. The same goes for the Product Red Apple Watch Series 9.

If you happen to purchase a Product Red watch, par of the money will be used to aid in the right against such pandemics as COVID‑19. As such, you get to look good while contributing to a noble course.

B. Stainless Steel Apple 9 Watch Colors 

The stainless steel finish Apple watches come in 3 amazing colors to match their premium stature. In addition to superior specifications, these are the color options for the Apple Watches that have a stainless steel case:

1: Stainless Steel Apple Watch 9 – Gold 

Apple Watch 9 Series - Gold

Gold Apple Watch Series 9 features a premium glossy finish that exudes a more refined aesthetic. This color is an old-time favorite across all Apple products, including the Series 9 Apple Watch.

As such, this color option is reserved for the higher-end stainless steel Apple Watch cases. Gold is a timeless classic that has appeared on several other Apple products, including the Series 8 Watch.

If you prefer a more luxurious look, a Gold Apple Watch Series 9 will do. In this regard, it is a bold color choice that tends to look flashy, much like jewelry. This shade is rather sophisticated and appealing at the same time. You can pair such a watch to a gold band. It would also look great with a sport or leather link band.

2: Stainless Steel Apple Watch 9 – Silver

Apple Watch 9 Series - Silver

For the Series 9 Watch, Apple had adopted the Silver color for both the aluminum and stainless steel cases. When used on the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 9 cases, this shade looks much like Chrome.

It is a very versatile color option and can be accessories with pretty much any color. As a matter of fact, a Silver Apple watch looks great regardless of the band option you choose. Again, it happens to be one of the most durable color options for the Apple Watch.

Silver on stainless steel also hides scrapes fairly well, hence will remain looking new for a longer period.

3: Stainless Steel Apple Watch 9 – Graphite

Apple Watch 9 Series - Graphite

Graphite is the closest thing to black you can get for the Apple Watch Series 9. It is a great color choice if you’re planning on wearing it to ball rooms and boardrooms. The stealthy look you get with a graphite Apple Watch works fine with a leather link, or just a sport band.

Despite the darker hue, the graphite color option still delivers a shiny finish, much like a mirror. This alone gives this tone a high-end appeal. It offers a much more seamless transition from the screen to the stainless steel casing than any other Apple Watch color.

What of The Apple Watch Series 9 Band Options?

If you are concerned about which color is best in Apple Watch Series 9, you.must also be worried about how the watch will look on your hand, right? The Series 9 Apple Watch is, without a doubt, a touch of style and innovation.

In addition to multiple cutting-edge features, you can find a diverse array of appealing band options for the device. Actually, the color options discussed above are only limited to the casing on the Apple Watch Series 9.

This being the case, matching your Apple Watch to the right hand can make all the difference. In essence, you should choose a band that reflects your personal aesthetic preferences, matches the occasion and your outfit as well.

That said, these are some of the most popular Apple Watch Series 9 band options you should consider:

  1. Apple FineWoven Apple Watch Band – The Best Apple Watch Band Overall

Along with the Series 9 Watch, Apple introduced a new band option referred to as the FineWoven band. This band is made of 68% recycled microtwill in an effort to go carbon neutral. The material feels suede-like to touch and comes in 45mm and 41mm size options.

As for the color, the Apple Watch Series 9 FineWoven bands come in three options: Pacific blue, evergreen, and taupe.

  1. Apple Sport Loop- The Best Apple Fabric Band

If you are after comfort and aesthetics, a fabric Apple Watch Band will come in handy. It is made of nylon, which makes it water resistant, hence ideal for sports applications. However, you’ll find the material breathable enough to allow sweat to escape from your wrist.

  1. Nomad Sport Watch Band – Best Apple Watch Band for Sports Application

This band is made of fluoroelastomer rubber, making it entirely waterproof. It comes in a choice of 8 amazing colors. Ale also offers five additional, limited edition color options for this band. You’ll find the band to be lightweight and breathable.

It comes in both 45mm and 41mm size options. If you prefer a thinner watch band for your Apple.Watch Series 9, you should go for the Sport Slim variant of the Apple Nomad Sport band.

  1.  OtterBox All Day Band

If you’d rather pair your Apple Watch to a silicon band, then the OtterBox All Day Watch band would be a great place to start. It is made of breathable, soft-touch material. The band is also sweat proof and is offered in close to a dozen color options.

Which Band Would You Choose for the Apple Watch Series 9?

All in all, you need to get a band that best expresses your personality, matches the Apple Watch, and is ideal for the occasion. For instance, a silicon watch band will be a great choice if you exercise a lot. This is manly because the fabric is washable.

If you happen to live rugged hobbies, go for a rugged Apple Watch band, such as the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro watch band. You could also buy multiple bands for your Apple watch. This way, you can switch the bands to match your outfit and occasion.

For instance, you could switch Apple Watch bands to transition from a formal morning at work to a casual evening at the gym. In addition to function, be sure to choose an Apple Watch band that complements your Apple.Watch Series 9 color.

Final Verdict 

Regarding the overall design and features, the Apple Watch Series 9 is a trend-setter. In addition to function, users today are also worried about how good the device will look in their hands.

To address this concern, Apple is offering multiple color options to meet the diverse user preferences. The drive comes in two main variants, the aluminum and the premium stainless steel variants.

While the stainless steel comes in only 3 color options, the aluminum casing Apple Watches are offered in 5 different colors, including pink. As you have learned throughout this guide, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Apple Watch Series 9.

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