Which Color Is Best for Your M2 MacBook Air? Get Your Answer

The M2 MacBook Air is, without a doubt, poised to become one of the most popular Apple devices. Just as is the case with other Apple gadgets, the M2 MacBook Air comes in multiple color options to suit different user preferences. This begs the question, Which Colour of MacBook Air is best? (Guide for Silver vs Space Gray MacBook Color)

Well, the best M2 MacBook Air color depends mainly on your preferences, durability, and the environment. Featuring an all-new design, the M2 MacBook Air is available in four main color options: Silver, Space Grey, Midnight, and Starlight. 

The choice of color may seem like a minute detail, but will ultimately affect the overall look and feel of your device. Throughout this guide, we’ll mainly compare the two most popular M2 MacBook Air color options: Silver vs. Space Grey. The guide also explores the other two color options to help you make the right choice. 

Most MacBook users today are torn between the Silver and Space Grey color options. Like them, you probably are trying to choose between the sophisticated Space Grey and the rather sleek silver appeal of your M2 MacBook Air. 

Silver has been the classic color for Apple MacBook devices—It is actually the color these devices are best known for. Then there is the Space Grey shade that was first introduced to the Mac line of products with the first generation 12-inch MacBook.

To start us off with  this detailed analysis of the two most popular M2 MacBook Air color options, here is a brief overview of their pros and cons: 

Pros of the Silver Color Option

  • Offers a Timeless Appeal – if you are a Mac fan, you must appreciate the timeless elegance of the Silver shade. It is definitely a color of choice if you are looking for a Mac that will not go out of style any time soon. 
  • Versatile Color Option – as compared to other M2 MacBook Air color options, silver blends with a wider range of use cases. Again, it is rather easy to find accessories that match your silver M2 MacBook Air device, right from mouse pad to cases. 

Possible Drawbacks 

Silver happens to show scratches and wear a lot easier than the Space Grey color option. As a result, Silver M2 MacBook Air laptops may appear to age a little faster than their Space Grey alternatives. If you are a bit hard on your devices, Silver may not be the ideal choice. 

Another bad thing about this color is that silver is a rather common color. It is almost impossible to stand out with a silver M2 MacBook Air. If you are looking for a Mac that makes a statement, silver is not the way to go. 

Pros of the Space Grey Color Option 

  • Offers Understated Elegance – looking for a sleek, professional appeal on your M2 MacBook Air? You can’t go wrong with a Space Grey M2 MacBook Air. This color option offers a sophisticated and classy elegance that is just ideal for a classroom or office environment. 
  • Much More Unique – as compared to their silver counterparts, Space Grey M2 MacBook Airs tend to stand out. As such, Space Grey is a better shade if you are looking for a Mac that makes a statement. 

Possible Drawbacks 

Unlike Silver, Space Grey is not such a versatile color. It is a unique color that stands out. As such, it can only blend into a few use cases. What’s more, it is harder to find accessories that match the Space Grey MacBook Airs.

Another problem with this color choice is that it tends to show fingerprints and smudges more easily, especially when compared to Silver. If you love keeping your devices in pristine condition, Space Grey may not be the right choice. 

What Color Silver VS Space Grey MacBook Air Should You Buy?

To choose the right color for your M2 MacBook Air, you need to consider much more than just your preferences. Before choosing between Silver and Space Grey M2 MacBook Air devices, here are some of the aspects you should consider:

  1. Overall Appearance 

Unless you are color-blind, you must be worried about how good your laptop will look, right? With regards to appearance, there is a slight difference between Silver and Space Grey M2 MacBook Air color options.  

Silver M2 MacBook Air laptops feature a bright, aluminum finish, which brings out a professional and sophisticated allure. Silver has a futuristic metallic finish. Space Grey MacBook Air laptops, on the other hand, have a somewhat darker color with a matte finish.

  1. The Hue

Space Grey features a darker matte finish that exhibits a rather ashen hue. The silver color option offered by Apple has a brighter shine, as compared to its Space Grey alternative. In this regard, the Silver color option sheds a bright shine when it catches the light—it appears much like liquid silver.

I think that the Silver color option is more visually appealing than the Space Grey option, especially when the laptops are new. 

  1. The Texture 

This may appear to be an insignificant aspect for some users, but the two color options actually have different textures. As you can imagine, the aluminum finish on Silver M2 MacBook Air laptops is smooth to the touch. 

In contrast, the Space Grey color finish with its characteristic matte finish has a rougher texture. This may sound like a subtle difference, but some users may not appreciate the rough texture of the Space Grey MacBook Airs. 

If you prefer a laptop that is smooth to the touch, go for the Silver M2 MacBook Air. 

  1. The Finish

With regards to the finish, you are looking at a choice between the glossy finish of the Silver color option and the matte finish of the Space Grey color option. The glossy finish of the silver color option does not attract fingerprints. The same cannot be said for the matte finish. 

If you need a laptop that stays clean for a long –does not attract fingerprints and smudge—get a Silver M2 MacBook Air.  With the Matte finish offered by the Space Grey option, you will be leaving fingerprints when you touch its surface—especially if you happen to have sweaty palms. 

  1. Durability 

Almost all MacBook Air colors look amazing right out of the box, but how long can they retain this appearance with use? This is another factor you need to consider in the Space Grey Vs Silver M2 MacBook choice. 

In this regard, Silver MacBook Air laptops tend to age faster than their Space Grey counterparts. If you are a bit rough on your devices or will be using the device in a more demanding environment, go for a Space Grey M2 MacBook Air. 

Space Grey does not show scratches and aging as easily as Silver does. As such, Space Grey laptops appear to age slower than their Silver alternatives. This will, in turn, affect their resale value—if this is the kind of thing you may be worried about. 

My Take on the Silver Vs Space Grey M2 MacBook Air Tag of War 

Silver MacBook Air devices have an alluring sleek, professional look that is just timeless. As we already established above, Silver is also more versatile and tends to stay clean for longer. However, you may be after something unique than Silver. 

In the latter case, you should get a Space Grey M2 MacBook Air. Additionally, Space Grey also offers a modern appeal with a little touch of edge. Even so, some users may find Space Grey to be cold or even sterile—a vibe you definitely don’t want on your laptop

While both colors are amazing, it is the Space Grey option that brings out more personality. 

Note: these two M2 MacBook Air colors are equipped with matching trackpads and keyboards. This should not be a concern when choosing the best M2 MacBook Air color. 

What Of the Other M2 MacBook Air Color Options? 

While silver and space grey are the most popular M2 MacBook Air colors, they are not the only ones. Here are other color options that may interest you: 

  1. Starlight 

Apple used this color for the very first time on the 6th generation iPad Mini (iPad Air 5 Color Buying Guide). Following its success, the manufacturer decided to use the Starlight color on other devices as well, including the MacBook Air. 

However, it is worth noting that Apple’s Starlight shade of color varies from one line of products to another. In this case, the M2 MacBook Air Starlight color shade is gold. It gives the laptop a classy appeal that you may find interesting. 

It is an ideal choice if you wish to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your M2 MacBook Air. While some think that it offers a warm and inviting appearance, some may just find it too ostentatious or flashy. 

  1. Midnight

This is the newest, and arguably the darkest, of M2 MacBook Air color options. The color looks amazing, especially when the laptop is clean, thanks to its stealthy appeal. However, it tends to attract fingerprints more than the other three color options. 

As such, it may require regular cleaning to keep the laptop looking pristine. 

Final Verdict 

Featuring an all-new design, the M2 MacBook Air is a slimmer and lighter, yet powerful laptop. To compliment this amazing design, the manufacturer offers four main color options. As you have learned in this guide, the Silver and Space Grey color options are the most popular ones. 

That said, is a silver MacBook Air better than Space Grey? Well, this is a matter of perspective. You should choose the right one based on the intended application, durability, ease of cleaning, and your preferences. Silver looks great when new and does not attract fingerprints. 

However, age and scratch marks are more vivid on silver laptops than they are on other color options. Space Grey will certainly offer you more personality but may require regular cleaning as it attracts fingerprints.

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