Widget says, “Open App on iPhone to continue” on macOS Sonoma

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One of the critical features of the latest macOS version is letting you add your iPhone widgets alongside of your Mac ones. These widgets allow you to quickly view the information from most of the applications, and that’s without even opening it. But some users found it when clicking on the iPhone widgets, the Mac screen shows the message “Open App on iPhone to continue.” They also found that this doesn’t happen with Mac native apps. If that’s the same with you, then you came to the right spot. Here’s how to fix macOS Sonoma: “Open App on iPhone to continue.”

Desktop Widget Showing ‘Open App on iPhone to continue’

Here are different solutions to fix it, but before that, let’s know the possible reasons for iPhone widgets misbehaving on Mac desktop. 

What causes iPhone widgets to misbehave on Mac?

There are various reasons for this, and some of the common ones are mentioned below.

  1. Incompatibility: Some iPhone widgets aren’t compatible with the Mac widgets. And for that reasons your Mac screen keeps showing macOS Sonoma saying “Open App on iPhone to continue.”
  2. Software Bug: No matter how many updates Apple releases to fix the software bug, they always seem persistent. 
  3. Corrupted Syncing: If the syncing between iPhone and Mac is corrupted, your iOS widgets will not work perfectly. 
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Solution #1. There is nothing to do with Widget

Open App on iPhone to continue Fixed

This error usually means there is nothing to do with this Widget. Thus, when you click the Widget, it loads the associated app. And in case that app isn’t installed on your Mac, it will open on your iPhone. It says that if you want to interact with the application, you must set it up and Open it on your iPhone. First Launch the app on your iPhone, then Add a Widget to your Mac desktop helped me! to Fix this issue.

Solution #2. Make sure to accurately setup the ill-functioning widgets on iPhone

For iOS widgets to work accurately on a Mac desktop, you must first set up the associated app accurately. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with specific errors including this one. 

Solution #3. Ensure That the iPhone Apps Allow Using Associated Widgets on Mac

Another vital thing you need to verify is whether the apps are allowed using the associated widgets on Mac. For this, you need to go to an app’s Settings to find out if this feature needs additional purchase. 

Solution #4. Force Update the iPhone Widgets

If the specific iOS desktop widget isn’t showing the latest information, launching the specific apps may force to iOS widget to work normally. 

Solution #5. Restart your Mac

Restarting the Mac computer is always found to be an effective solution to resolve the common problem on Mac. Considering this solution’s effectiveness, we suggest you try it out on your Mac computer. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the Apple Icon on the left top corner of the Mac screen.
Step 2: Select Restart from the prompted menu.

Open Apple Logo Tap Restart On Mac

Step 3: At last, select Restart Button.

Click Restart On Mac

Now let the Mac restart and then cross-verify the problem. If it continues, follow the steps below.

Solution #6. Disable/Enable iPhone Widgets

Slightly hindering the macOS widgets settings on Mac can sometimes do a wonder. We recommend disabling and enabling the iPhone widgets to fix the issue. Here’s how.

Step 1: Go to Apple Menu.
Step 2: Select System Settings… from the dropdown menu. 

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Open Apple Logo TapSystem Settings On Mac

Step 3: Choose Desktop & Dock from the left pane.
Step 4: turn on the toggle next to the Use iPhone Widgets.

Select Desktop & Dock Turn On Use iPhone Widget On Mac

Step 5: And then turn off the toggle next to the Use iPhone Widgets.

Turn Off Use iPhone Widget On Mac

Step 6: Go to the Apple Logo. Tap Restart on Mac

Open Apple Logo Tap Restart On Mac

Step 7: Click on Restart on Mac.

Click Restart On Mac

Once your Mac restarts, re-enable the toggle next to the Use iPhone Widgets. 

Solution #7. Update All Apps on iPhone

If your iOS widgets aren’t updated for a long time, then for sure, an outdated version is the reason for Widget a macOS Sonoma saying, “Open App on iPhone to continue.” To update the app, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the App Store on your iPhone.
Step 2: Tap Today then click on profile picture on mac.
Step 3: Tap on the Update Button next to it if available.
Step 4: Or else, tap on the Profile Icon at the upper right corner. Then, tap on the Update All or update single iPhone app.

Open App Store Tap Today Click Profile And Update All On iPhone

Solution #8. Update Mac Apps

Unexpected problems on Mac and corrupted apps go hand in hand. Problem malfunctioning of features, freezing and crashing, battery draining, and more are some of the typical traits. Therefore, keep all your Macs in shape, and for these all you need to do is update all Mac apps by following the steps below. 

Step 1: Open the App Store on your Mac computer.
Step 2:
Click on Updates from the left sidebar. 
Step 3: After this, you can select Update All outdated Mac apps at once. 

 Open App Store Tap Updates Click Update All On Mac

Solution #9. Delete and re-install problematic iOS App on iPhone

If you find an issue with a specific app on your iPhone. Deleting and reinstalling may help you get rid of your problem. But before that consider the below guideline. 

  • Ensure to create a backup of app you’re going to delete. Once you’re done with it, follow the steps below.

Step 1: On your iPhone, Press And Hold On App Icon
Step 2: Click on Remove App.

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Press And Hold On The App Icon On iPhone

Step 3: From the prompted menu, select Delete App and give confirmation.And Next Tap Delete on iPhone.

Click Delete App Tap Delete On iPhone

Step 4: Open App Store tap search bar and Spotify and right corner Download then by click open app on iPhone.

Open App Store Tap Click Search Spotify Then Download By Open On iPhone

Solution #10. Hard Reset iPhone

Most of the time, you must force restart your iPhone by following the steps below. 

  1. On your iPhone, press and release the Volume Up Button. Instantly press and release the Volume Down Button.
  2. Next, Press and Hold the Side Key until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. 

Solution #11. Remove the Problematic Widget and re-add

Sometimes, removing and re-adding them can do a lot of work for you. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Right-click/Control on the desktop Edit Widgets… 

Open Edit Widgets On Mac

Step 2: Click App menu and Add Widget on mac.

Open Spotify Widget On Mac

Step 3: Next, click on the time-reading next to the control Center. Tap Done Button.

Click Done On Mac

Step : Choose Remove Widget from the prompted menu.

Select Remove Widget On Mac

Solution #12. Update your iPhone

An updated version of iOS can interrupt the features of iPhone and further leads to various issues. Thus, we suggest updating the device to the latest iOS version by following the steps below. 

Step 1: Launch to the Settings App on your iPhone.
Step 2: Tap on General.

Open Settings App Tap General On iPhone

Step 3: Select Software Update.
Step 4: Now, let your iPhone check for updates.

Click Software Update Tap Check For Updates On iPhone

Solution #13. Update your Mac

Unlike iOS, macOS version isn’t perfect. So, a hidden bug within the Mac could hinder the iPhone widget from working normally. To update your Mac to the latest macOS version, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the Apple Menu at the top left corner of the screen on mac.
Step 2: Select System Settings…

Open Apple Logo TapSystem Settings On Mac

Step 3: Choose General from the left pane.
Step 4:
Select Software Update.

Click General Tap Software Updates On Mac

Step 5: Now, let your Mac check for updates.

Select Checking For Updates On Mac

Solution #14. Contact Apple Support Team!

If none of the solutions works by your side, then it’s time to contact the Apple Support Team. That’s because they are team of experts that can help you to diagnose the problem and accordingly they’ll offer you a solution. However, to contact them there are different ways. So read our article on how to contact the Apple Support Team. 

Final Verdict!

That’s it, folks! This is how you can resolve Widget a macOS Sonoma saying, “Open App on iPhone to continue.” Hopefully, any of the solutions mentioned above will help you decide. Further, if you came across the troubleshooting tip that needs to be mentioned in the article, then drop in the comment box below. 

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