Windows 11 vs MacOS Monterey for Entertain & Professional Business

Mac OS Monterey is the 18th major release of Mac OS, Apple’s desktop operating system for Macintosh computers. It was announced during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 7, 2021, it will release around September 2021.

Windows 11 is a significant release of the Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10 that was released in 2015. It is slated to release in late 2021. Check Windows 11 System Requirements.

Apple has promised several new features in Mac OS Monterey. These include a redesigned Safari browser with handy tab groups, seamless integration, improved FaceTime, Quick Notes, support for playing AirPlay content received from iOS and iPad OS devices, and other Macs.

Windows 11 has also introduced several new features. Here’s an overview of the new Windows 11 features:

  • A cleaner Start menu and a taskbar that is quite similar to Mac OS.
  • It has a side widget panel similar to the one from Mac OS Big Sur & macOS Monterey.
  • A redesigned app store with access to Android apps built in partnership with Amazon.
  • Gaming improvements.

However, based on the features announced so far, Windows 11 beats Mac OS Monterey in 5 ways:

Windows 11 multi snap layout beats Mac OS in multi-tasking

On Mac OS, users can have two apps working side by side. But, Windows 11 has introduced a new Snap Layout feature that allows users to run three apps simultaneously. Users can choose from many other layouts, such as a 2×2 grid for four apps towards the left and two apps on the right.

Users can create Snap Groups in Windows 11, which they can park right in the taskbar. In addition, it lets users pick up right where they left off after they respond to a notification.

Windows 11 touch support is better

Apple has refused to bring touch to the Mac. Windows 11 has much better touch support. There is better space between icons, larger touch targets, and visual cues that let users grab and move the window. The onscreen keyboard of Windows 11 is much better as well.

Fantastic gaming mode in Windows 11

Windows 11 is offering some major gaming upgrades. Apart from easy access to Xbox Game Pass, DirectX 12 supports improved high-frame-rate gaming for PCs, while Auto HDR will deliver better visuals across a wide range of games. If users have a PC that supports DirectStorage, PC games will load a lot quicker than earlier. Mac OS falls short on the gaming front with fewer titles than Windows.

Windows 11 offers a more innovative way to dock.

Windows 11 intends to improve the productivity of laptop users through its new docking experience. Often when they unplug from a dock and move between rooms, the windows that were on their monitor will minimize in Windows 11. Then, when they reconnect to a dock, all their windows will reappear just the way they were.

Chat from Microsoft Teams v/s FaceTime

FaceTime on Mac Monterey is a lot better than Microsoft Team’s new chat built into Windows 11. FaceTime has a new SharePlay feature that lets users move and watch shows or listen to music with friends. But windows do not feature a similar experience. Users can only be seen and heard through a web link, and there is no dedicated FaceTime app for these platforms.

Users can freely upgrade Windows 11 free upgrade for compatible Windows 10 devices through a Windows Update later this year. Mac OS updates are usually much faster and smoother. In contrast, Windows has had various issues with its updates, resulting in severe bugs, especially on the Windows 7 and 8 updates. Microsoft, however, has asserted that Windows Updates will improve in Windows 11, and we can only wait and see if that happens. 

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