Without Internet, Send Message/Files in iPhone from any Device

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020You haven’t data plan or Wi-Fi internet connection, you can also receive or send message/files in iPhone and iPad from any other device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, act..). Here from this article now you can transfer all the data in your all device without internet internally. Means, for that you don’t need mobile internet, Broadband internet or any wireless internet.

Benefits – Send message/files in iPhone

No need of Data cable, to transfer message/files in mobile to Mac or desktop and Mac/Desktop to mobile.

Note: Here you don’t need a Wi-Fi network but only needs a Wi-Fi device. You have a broadband connection [Local area network connection] and Wi-Fi device than you can transfer or send message/files in iPhone.

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How to transfer or send message/files in iPhone and another device internally

Ipmsg is the best solution to transfer message/files among your devices internally. Ipmsg works on LAN area or wireless Wi-Fi network. Your all home or office devices connect under the single Wi-Fi network device, then you can transfer data in all devices – Mobile, Desktop, and Laptop vice-versa.

Millions of users are using this open source product worldwide.

Ex. You have the broadband connection that’d be connected with your Wi-Fi device. Now you have own Wi-Fi network, and you are all device’s internet access from that Wi-Fi device. Now suppose your broadband connection down and note transferring data to your all device, But Wi-Fi modem working in the proper way.

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here, How to use Ipmsg in your all Device and send message/files in iPhone and another device internally.

Step 1

Download and install Ipmsg setup in your all device as of your device OS and type. Because Ipmsg given setup for the different platform in below link.


Note: Before launching this product check your Wi-Fi device, it must be Turn on (Network login or Data transfer is not necessary).

Send message/files in iPhone and another device

Send message/files in iPhone and another device

Transfer Message and files from iPhone to another device internally

Transfer Message and files from iPhone to another device internally

Step 2:

After launching Ipmsg app in your own device, you can watch all the name of devices are listed inside Ipmsg, and also installed in all another device which you want to send or receive message/files.

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Now you are done,

Please comment how this tutorial helps you to send message/files in iPhone and other devices internally, without an internet connection. If you like it, Share it.

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