10 Yellow Wallpapers for iPhone in 2024

You might wonder if the color of the wallpaper you set on your iPhone background has positive effects. Yes, you heard this right. Yellow is the color of joy, sunshine, and happiness. If you believe in color psychology, you will love this article about the yellow wallpaper iPhone.

Below, we have made a list of the classic yellow wallpaper collections to help you set shuffle wallpaper on iPhone with quotes and unique yellow backgrounds. 

1. Aesthetic yellow quotes wallpaper

Brighten your screen with an aesthetic yellow wallpaper adorned with the inspiring mantra: ‘Create Yourself.’ Let the warmth of yellow and empowering words fuel your day.

Aesthetic Yellow Quotes Wallpaper for iPhone

2. Fruit yellow wallpaper

Infuse your screen with natural wallpaper featuring luscious yellow strawberries. Let the burst of fruity freshness and natural beauty unfold every time you unlock your device.

Fruit Yellow Wallpaper for iPhone

3. Yellow emoji wallpaper

Embrace the fun side of life with our collection of Funny Wallpapers for iPhone to add a daily dose of laughter. This yellow emoji wallpaper will boost your mood with amusing characters. 

Yellow Emoji Wallpaper for iPhone

4. Yellow butterfly wallpaper

Immerse your screen in enchantment with our Black Wallpapers adorned by a mesmerizing sequence of yellow butterflies. Watch as the graceful flutter of wings on the ebony canvas transforms your device into a captivating realm of natural elegance.

Yellow Butterfly Wallpaper for iPhone

5. Funny yellow wallpaper

Why use boring wallpapers when you can get a dose of humor into your day with our funny yellow wallpaper starring those mischievous minions? Let the cheerful antics of these yellow companions turn your screen into a lively playground of laughter and joy.

Funny Yellow Wallpaper for iPhone

6. Yellow leaf wallpaper

This yellow leaf wallpaper is a must in your Fall Wallpapers collection, bringing the beauty of nature to your device with golden maple leaf against a mountainous backdrop.

Yellow Leaf Wallpaper for iPhone

7. Yellow beach wallpaper

Escape to tranquility with our beach wallpaper featuring a vibrant yellow daisy blooming with a backdrop of a tranquil blue beach.

Yellow Beach Wallpaper for iPhone

8. Yellow cute chicks wallpaper

This cute yellow chick wallpaper brings a delightful flock of sunshine to your device. Let the cuteness overload brighten your day with every glance at these feathered companions.

Yellow Cute Chicks Wallpaper for iPhone

9. Lemon yellow wallpaper

Revitalize your screen with our Dynamic Wallpaper giving a burst of citrus freshness. Immerse yourself in the lively display of color and flavor every time you unlock your device.

Lemon Yellow Wallpaper for iPhone

10. Yellow bee wallpaper

Elevate your screen’s charm with this buzzing yellow bee wallpaper, a perfect addition to your Flower Wallpapers collection, creating a vibrant blend of blooms and bees.

Yellow Bee Wallpaper for iPhone


I hope you found our yellow wallpaper collection helpful to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper. From the gentle glow of yellow daisy flowers on serene beaches to the playful charm of funny minions, each wallpaper radiates its unique energy. Whether you seek natural Spring wallpapers or the elegance of yellow aesthetics, our collection is the perfect backdrop for every mood. 

If you want more such wallpaper collections, you can also check Wallpaper Apps and Phone Live Wallpaper Apps to have a delightful burst of colors and creativity with your iPhone.

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