Fix iPhone: YouTube Won’t Play in Background in 2023

Last Updated on Aug 25, 2023

YouTube is an excellent source for music, movies, and much other video stuff. In earlier times if you have a good network connection, then you must go for watching videos and movies on YouTube and make it worthy. People also prefer to use YouTube in the background, and they chat with someone or use some other application, or they want to listen to the song, so they turn off the screen of the iPhone. YouTube App doesn’t support play video in Background.

At that time if YouTube is not working in the background then the user may feel irritating, so to overcome this situation we will go through some preventive measures which might be helpful for you to solve it.

Fix: YouTube Won’t Play In Background on iPhone

#1. Check YouTube settings

Here’s the thing that you must check it out, otherwise you won’t play videos in the background using YouTube. For playing YouTube videos in the background, you need to enable that by launching YouTube and then tap on vertical dots and select Desktop.

#2. Check internet Settings

One of the most crucial things for playing videos on YouTube is an internet connection. If YouTube is not playing in the background, then verify that you have as table internet connection or not.

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#3. Stop Running Multiple Windows

When you are playing videos on YouTube using a web browser then don’t open any other window otherwise the video will be stopped.

If you want to visit another web page, then you should opt for another browser. It will continue YouTube video playing in the background.

#4. Switch to another browser

If you are using any third-party application like Firefox, then there are more chances to face this situation. It is better to use the default browser like a safari, Chrome or Other Best Browser for iPhone to enjoy the video without any interruption.

#5. Use YouTube premium: Youtube premium background play not working iPhone

Usually, we are using YouTube without a subscription, so it will not allow you to play video in the background.

YouTube Premium can offer this facility with a premium subscription of $9.99/month, which also allows you to download videos.

I hope you enjoying YouTube video on your iPhone by fixed out all problems on YouTube won’t play in the background.

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