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HowToiSolve, co-founded by Jaysukh Patel in 2015 and currently co-run by Karly Wood, aims to deliver high-quality content across blogs, YouTube videos, and social media to enhance user experience with Apple products.

Our Mission and Vision:-

With a mission to publish and share valuable tech insights, the platform initiated its YouTube journey on January 11, 2013, and has since reached 15 million users through its web and social platforms, committing to keeping its audience well-informed and engaged.

Social Presence:-

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We are primarily focuses on providing tech solutions and guides, particularly for Apple products including the Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. It aims to offer helpful tips, Live offers, Games & Apps, troubleshooting guides, and solutions for various gadgets, ensuring users can efficiently utilize their technology in daily life.

HowToiSolve encourages its audience to engage actively by submitting stories, fostering a community of shared knowledge and experiences related to Apple products and technology solutions. This approach helps to diversify the content and insights available on their platform, benefiting a wider audience.

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