Exclusive details about iPhone 17 Pro That You Must Know

iPhone 16 Pro Exclusive Details

The iPhone. The most famous mobile device in history. The one that changed it all. Back when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone at that mythical event in January 2007, I don’t think anyone really expected the impact it would have on our lives. “An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator”. Those words changed … Read more

is Apple selling your personal information? (2024)


Tech giant Apple, like every other firm, collects data from the user devices and the services. Apple’s privacy policy explains what information the company collects. If you go to Apple’s website and read the company’s privacy policy, you’ll see what kind of data the Cupertino behemoth collects and processes. Unlike Facebook and Google, Apple might … Read more

Dos and Don’ts of Charging Your Apple iPhone (2024)

Apple has come up with a considerable wide range of phones, keeping up with its tag of excellence and high-tech advancement and innovation. However, while choosing a phone, its battery life is one of the most important factors we consider. It hardly matters if you possess the most recent, fastest, and most powerful devices in … Read more

Why iPhones Don’t Have Removable Batteries? Here’s An Answer


Apple started the shift towards non-removable batteries in phones with iPhones. However, not every customer is happy with this decision and every time Apple releases a new iPhone, users wail and weep about the non-removable batteries. Many users have even claimed that they will never buy an iPhone again because of the non-removable batteries.  Apple … Read more

Why The iPhone Doesn’t Come with A Charging Block [2024]


In 2020, Apple announced that the company would no longer include charging adapters with iPhone purchases. So naturally, buyers were outraged and a massive uproar was seen in response to the technology behemoth’s decision. The general consensus was that iPhones are expensive, and the very least Apple could do was include a charging adapter with … Read more

The New Mac Pro is Amazing: Exclusive Details!

Since the company first introduced them in June 2020, Apple Silicon chips have blown everyone’s mind away. The M1 is a fast chip that needs no cooling and provides an extraordinary battery life thanks to its excellent power efficiency. Combined with a breakthrough performance, it makes the M1 MacBook Air the best $999 laptop on … Read more