How to Add Ask Me a Question Instagram iPhone: How to Add Instagram Question Sticker

Ask me a question Instagram iPhone featured

People are using Instagram for many purposes like Instagram TV (IGTV), Instagram story, Instagram live, Posting, Sharing, Like and Commenting. And now new feature is added recently by Instagram under the ticker pack. so we can play and set a status like a poll or personal opinion that’s good and best option for personality, Development, Suggestions and Business ideas as well.

I feel this option like hard to find and use on our profile. at the end of it’s much useful that iOS user can do. that’s why i am sharing this tips with my reader. hope you like this and share with your friends as well. also, comment how like this Instagram tips.

Ask me a question Instagram iPhone featured

Steps for Set “Ask me a Question Instagram on iPhone” Instagram iOS app: Step by step guide

Open the Instagram app on your iPhone. Go to the Camera access generally you use for post status or more. if you don’t know, then swipe left to right on iPhone screen.

1 Snap Camera to use on instagram on iphone

Now you are on camera, Click the pic or browse image saved in camera roll by swiping up your finger from bottom to top edge of your iPhone.

1 Snap Camera to use on instagram on iphone

One you set, again swipe up to find the stickers available for you it on Instagram status.

There is a Question Instagram sticker. tap on it to add on your status and save

Once you have done, share with your Friends instantly.

Post Ask me a question Instagram iPhone

Now your Instagram friends or public friends can see if privacy is off. and share the idea in the question box and post to your profile in the form of notification you receiver on screen.

Hope you like my tips on how to add “Ask me a question Instagram iPhone” also on iPad or iPod Touch. Don;t miss to like this or share on social to get more tips in a future update.

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