How to Use Message App on iPhone X, iPad: iOS 11 [Complete Guide]

1 How to use Message app on iPhone

Hey, guys, here I’m going to explain to you how to use Message App on iPhone, iPad running iOS 11. Message app in iOS 11 more functional with premium features added for Specific Device. And Hundreds of Entertaining and Professional feature for all iOS 11 Devices (iPhone, iPad). New Refreshed features are Ainimoji, Re-Designed App Drawer, and Apple Pay Cash, Two New Screen Effects (Echo and Spotlight). And the old features like Install app from message app store, Play Game in iMessage, Send Bubble, Screen effects and more.

You can send texts, photos, videos and audio/voice message using iOS native message App. in advance; you can activate iMessage and send beautifully animated screen effects, iMessage Stickers, Digital text and handwritten text and much more to iMessage contacts. So here I’m going to explain to you how to use Message App in iOS 11.

Models Should Work: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X.

Use Message App iOS 11: We must know all About New in Messages app in iOS 11

For beginner iOS users point to note:

Blue bubble indicates iMessage, which is free text messaging service by Apple. We need to Activate first from iPhone, iPad (Cellular) manually. We can’t activate iMessage on all carriers because some carrier doesn’t provide iMessage Service.

Go to the Settings > Messages > iMessage (Enable toggle for iMessage)

3 Activate or Turn on iMessage on iPhone

Let’s fix if any other issues on iMessage won’t activate

If you see on Activate iMessage: Refer our guide “iMessage waiting for Activation.”

Note: Green bubble always for SMS/MMS handles by the Cellular companies like At&t, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless.

Blue bubble and Text identify it’s iMessage.

How to Send a Message to your girlfriend/ boyfriend/ Personal contact

Step #1. Open the Message App from your iPhone home screen Or alternative using 3D touch on message app icon to get new Message filed.

Tap on New Message icon at top right corner of the screen,

2 Start a New Message on iPhone Message app

Step #2. Enter a Contact or go to an existing thread.

4 Send iM4 Send iMessage Message app on iPhoneessage Message app on iPhone

Step #3. Tap the Text filed, then type your message.

Step 4. When you are ready to send the message. Tap on the upward arrow to send.

5 Use Screen Effects and Bubble effects before send iMessage on iPhone

How to Foreword a text Message to Multiple contacts

Step #1. Open the Message App.

Step #2. Hit on a message conversion and find a message that you want to forward.

8 More Message option for Delete or Forward

Step #3. Here tap and hold on the message bubble, You’ll get pop-up so tap on More…

Step #4. Next up, tap on forwarding icon appears lower- right corner.

9 Delete or Forward Message from Message app on iPhone

Step #5. Now, enter a contact. [Hint: Enter an alphabet with onscreen keyboard that able to add maximum contacts, and that brings all contacts to your iOS native contacts app.]

Finally, tap on the arrow to send.

Make a Group in Message app to send the group Text Message/ iMessage

To Create a New Group we need to add multiple contacts one by one at once, While We Start New Message. Explained it’s before.

7 Create Group for Send Message in iPhone Message app

Mute Conversation or Hide alerts

Step #1. How to Mute Conversions or hide Alerts in Message App iOS 11 on iPhone

Do you want to turn off receiving text message/ iMessage notification alerts for someone else? An example – text SMS notification alerts of your GF or BF. Don’t worry. You can mute individual contact thread.

Step #1. Open the conversion that you want to mute.

Step #2. Tap (i) and follow below-described instaurations.

Or Slide right to left on Message conversation list in Message app.

8 Hide Alerts for Message on iPhone

For iOS 11 users – Turn Hide Alerts on/Green.

For iOS 10/ iOS 9 and earlier users – Turn on Do Not Disturb.

You’re done!

When Hide alert/ DND is on, the half moon will appear next to the contact chat. So this is just way to stops notifications only for limited to that text message and iMessage app conversation. This is not for your entire iOS device.

You’ll still receive the all other contact text messages notifications and see notifications for saved and unknown contacts on your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod lock screen.

Do you want to shut off all contact notifications? You should activate Do Not Disturb While Driving for that.

How to Delete Message

To Delete single or multiple messages at once, Tap and hold on Text Message

Next, Tap on More. On Popup

Now, Add Another message if you want to add. Finally, tap on done. Now, Click on Delete Messages.

How to Send text message with full-Screen effects/ animated effect

New in iOS 11: Send Echo and Spotlight effects in iMessage

Type text in Message app text box, Next Touch and Hold on Blue upper arrow icon until you see the Bubble effect screen, See the below.

To the Effect preview, Tap on Grey dot icon in vertical bar or Apply screen effect Tap on Screen from top tab

More screen effects are there, Change by swipe left to right on the screen.

Send iMessage as Text Message

When iMessage not available and want to send Message anyhow, Enable and Use this Feature.

For this Carrier Will charge you on standard text rate.

Go to the Settings app on iPhone X > Send as SMS (Enable toggle for a turn).

10 Send As SMS in iMessage iPhone Message app

Useful: Block Message on iPhone

Other Useful Message apps Tips and Tricks

Let’s enjoy Message app on your iPhone X or iOS 11 compatible old iPhone models.

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