How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes in 2024

Are you looking for a way to Removing duplicate songs on iTunes? Get trick to find duplicate songs in iTunes 12, iTunes 11. You should know everything about latest iTunes 12.3.2, cause in each update you may get little bit new functions or sometime-massive changes too. Here we will show you a trick to discover/ find duplicates song in iTunes 12. Because, sometime you may be noticed that every songs on your iTunes library is also in your Music directory.

So a question is create that the there are two separate location on your hard drive? No, By default, iTunes stores all your music in an iTunes folder of the Music directory of user account. While you’re trying to import songs, at that time iTunes makes a copy of the original song file, and place it in your iTunes Music folder. And your iTunes library you see while in iTunes is just an organized list of the files contained in the iTunes Music folder. So are you feeling panic from seeing duplicate items in iTunes 12? Don’t worry. Read below instructions to find duplicate songs in iTunes 12. try these iTunes alternatives.

How to mass delete duplicates in iTunes 2022

Steps to Find and Delete Duplicate Songs on Mac

Step 1. Launch iTunes on your Mac computer And from the menu at the top of your computer screen

how to delete duplicate songs in latest iTunes 12, 11 or iTunes 10

Step 2. Choose view

Step 3. Click on Show Duplicate items

Steps For Find and Delete Duplicated on Windows 11 Or Windows 10

Step 1. Launch the latest iTunes 12

Step 2. Press command Control + B keys on your keyboard to open  

the iTunes menu bar.

Step 3. Choose view

Step 4. Click on Show Duplicate items

That’s it.

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Get below how to delete duplicate songs in the latest iTunes 12, 11 or iTunes 10

find duplicate songs in iTunes 12 and delete songs or items

Since now, you can see sort by name or artist to group items together. While using other Columns to make decisions which duplicate to delete. You can select multiple duplicate songs or items that you want to remove from the iTunes library at one time.

iTunes Show duplicates greyed out

Sometimes Apple iTunes users on windows complained that after selecting duplicate songs or files in the tool – iTunes show duplicates greyed out, in such case, make sure that music is selected in sidebar. if it not check marked, please tick mark it to enable iTunes show duplicates. For more, you can watch below-given video to delete duplicates on iTunes Windows 11 or earlier. Also see this source

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