How to Change Your Zoom Profile Picture on Any Device 2024

Zoom is a video calling program or website that gives everyone on the line a live camera feed of their face. You might wish to add a profile photo to your Zoom conference. This is because we all know from experience that there are occasions when you’d prefer not to utilize your camera. This is why Zoom allows you to choose a profile photo that will appear when your camera is switched off. The avatar photo is also known as the profile picture in Zoom. When your camera is switched off, it will display it.

This is a superb method to maintain a professional appearance without having to wait in front of the camera at all times. Many individuals seem to be apprehensive about appearing on camera since it might be slightly embarrassing. People like to have a profile photo as a backup, so they may turn off their camera during a meeting or not turn it on at all.

Tips to Change Your Zoom Profile Picture

To turn off the camera, press the ‘stop video’ button, and your profile photo will appear. You may also choose to begin your conference without the video on in Zoom. The profile photo will be displayed once again, and people on the Zoom call will not be able to see what’s on the webcam until you select “Start video.”

A headshot should typically be your profile image, and if you look nice and personable in it, you’ll feel more confident on camera also sending a really welcome message to others while you’re in the meeting. This photo is saved with your Zoom profile and will be displayed even when you update it to Zoom on your computer and then login to Zoom on your phone.
How to change your Zoom profile photo in the desktop app, i.e., for both the Mac and PC desktop apps like Chromebook

If you haven’t done so previously, browse Zoom and log in to your account. Tap on Settings from your current icon symbol on the top-right side. In the left sidebar, choose Profile, then your current profile image. When you click Change Picture, you’ll find that it must be in the jpg/jpeg, gif, or png image file format, with a file size of no more than 2 megabytes. So, select the upload option to choose a new profile image from your computer, then resize or modify it to draw attention to your face before hitting Save.

How to change your Zoom profile photo in your mobile app, i.e., for both the Apple (iPhone, iPad) and Android Zoom apps

  1. Log in to your Zoom account by opening the app and entering in the details.
  2. In the bottom-right corner, hit Settings, and then click your user account name at the top of the screen.
  3. Select on if you want to snap a new photo or choose from your existing photo library by tapping Profile Photo.
  4. Select or snap a new photo, crop it,
  5. and then click on Done.

How to change your profile picture on the Zoom website

  1. Log in if necessary to your Zoom profile page.
  2. Change your current profile image by clicking on it.
  3. Choose a fresh photo from your computer, laptop or phone, crop it, and save it.

Why is your Zoom profile picture not showing in the meeting

Logging in to Zoom is a breeze, and you don’t even need an account to attend a meeting. You’re probably not logged in if you clicked on a link to join anyone’s meeting session. If your profile image isn’t visible, check in to the Zoom app or through a web browser, then join the meeting using the meeting ID (which you have should received via the invite).

Please note that the Zoom meeting admin has a lot of say over what you can do in the meeting. This indicates that they may have disabled the possibility to display profile photographs during the meeting.

This is most likely the reason you aren’t seeing your profile picture if you’re sure you’ve signed into the correct account. Create a meeting and check to see whether your profile photo displays.

If your meeting host has activated the Hide Participant Profile Pictures function, you may request that he or she disable it from the Settings menu. It may be found under either the In Meeting (Basic) or Security options.

How to add your profile picture during the meeting

  1. Right-click on the video while you’re in a Zoom conference. You’ll be presented with a menu of choices.
  2. Select the option to add a profile picture.
  3. Select Save after selecting your photo. After that, you may switch off your video to see your profile photo.
  4. On the laptop, drag your cursor over your photo and click the three dots in the corner, then
  5. select Edit Profile Picture.
  6. The pop-up allowing you to choose a new photo will display right away.

What is a good zoom profile picture?

While having a profile picture isn’t required, it may be a valuable asset with several advantages. For starters, depending on the sort of meeting, a profile image might serve as a good alternative for turning off your camera.

Your Zoom profile photo should be under 2MB in size and in one of the following categories: PNG, JPG, or GIF. Because the application will crop the profile photo automatically, there are no specified requirements for the profile picture’s height and width.

Why is my Profile blurry on the Zoom app

You might have trouble uploading a clear photo of yourself for your Zoom profile at times. Because the Zoom app only allows you to upload photos up to 2MB in size, and if you submit a photo larger than that, the pixel size is decreased to 800×800. And because practically everyone uses it on a huge screen, the image becomes blurry and unappealing.

Everything you do might wind up looking pixilated and hazy. There is, however, a way to acquire a wonderfully clear profile photo. Instead of using your computer to change your profile image, use a web browser on your phone or desktop to go into your account and upload the photo from there.

These are the several options for changing your Zoom profile photo. Attend the next Zoom meeting with more confidence and comfort now that you have access to all of the available options.

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