Delete all Mail on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

How to delete all Mail on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch at once

For Web mail, you can’t delete all mail from Mail inbox from Gmail, Yahoo, Bing or any custom top level domain. But that’s possible in iPhone mail app, so you can delete all Mail on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  Business and Professional users, Marketers receive hundreds and thousands of mail daily in bulk. Apart from selected mail all are meaningless that time you can remove or trash mails from Mail app in just single finger tap.

Learn how to make inbox empty using archive or delete all mails on iPhone Mail app. Here in my example I delivered or moved 18k read/ unread mail directly to trash folder in just 5 seconds. That you can do on all mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Aol., Bing, Outlook, rediffmail, Hotmail, Custom Email – once you configure with custom email.

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Note: Don’t go with any third party mail app, here I tested with official apple Mail app from iPhone 6 running on iOS 9/ iOS 8.

Steps for Delete all Mail on iPhone Mail app, iPad and iPod Touch: iOS 9/ iOS 8

1. Go to The Mail app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

2. Now, you can see all added Mail accounts by Scroll down at below under the Accounts section.Delete all Mail on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

3. here I added two Gmail accounts and one custom email (howtoisolve).

4. now from the list of Mail folders go to the inbox.Delete mail from mail inbox

Next, tap on edit from top right corner > Archive all from bottom right corner.

Next Popup option appears with Trash All and Archive All.

Archive All: This is an alternate option for delete message. Archive message keep in archive folder for later time restore or use.

Delete All: Delete option move all the mails to trash folder, it will be deleted automatically on time limit.Trash all mail from inbox

From Trash folder you can easily delete all mail on iPhone at once.Delete all the mail from trash

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