How to Dowload, Update and Delete Apps on Apple Watch 4/3/2

Delete app on Apple Watch

The best part of buying Apple Watch is, it supports more than enough applications right on your wrist. No other smartwatch is better than Apple Watch; if you haven’t used the Apple Watch, then you are missing great gadget of Apple family. Apple Watch Series 4 was more concerned about the fitness and Workout, though people are appreciating this improvement on Apple Watch.

The app store of Apple Watch is similar to iOS, but you have to access it from the iPhone. It is because the screen size of the watch is a bit small and difficult to catch up with the apps. So Apple has included all the customizations on the Watch app stored on your iPhone. Luckily, if you want to delete the app from Apple Watch, it is possible from the watch.

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Basic Guide to Download, Update and Delete apps on Apple Watch

1: How to Update Apps on Apple Watch

There is no specific option to update applications of Apple Watch, but if you enable the Automatic App Install on your iPhone, the Apple Watch apps will get updated. In short, when you update app on iPhone, the app stored in Apple Watch will get updated automatically.

Step #1: Go to the “Watch” app on the iPhone.

Step #2: Tap “My Watch” tab.

Step #3: Select “General.”

Step #4: Toggle on “Automatic App Install.”

Automatic app install to Apple watch enable auto update apple watch app
Automatic app install to Apple watch enable auto-update apple watch app

Only Update Apple Wach App: Open Watch App on iPhone, Tap on Search options. and Search with the name of app.

Now, You will see Pending update app with an update button.

This option works like mirror new app installation and updates installed app on your iPhone, Automatically update on your Apple watch at the same time.

In My case, I show Uber Apple Watch is not updated, and Watch App on iPhone showing Uber Update. I didn’t update from the Watch app.

search Apple watch app on App Store and update
search Apple watch app on App Store and update

I open App Store on iPhone, Search Uber and update successfully. now Re-check on Watch app is also updated.

Keep Automatic App install enabled to auto download and update apps on apple watch.

2: How to Download App on Apple Watch

As I said earlier, you have to download the app from the App Store of the Watch app store on your iPhone.

Step #1: Open the “Watch” App on your iPhone.

Step #2: On the bottom, tap “App Store.”

Step #3: Search the apps and download whatsoever app on your Apple Watch.

Step #4: After selecting the app, tap “Get,” when the app is free or “Buy” when the app is paid.

Apple Watch compatible App automatically installed on your Apple watch if “Automatic app install” is enabled on the iPhone Watch App (See First Guide).

3: How to Delete App on Apple Watch

Keep note that it is not possible to delete the inbuilt applications of Apple Watch like the Stock app. Only third-party applications can be removed from the Apple Watch.

Step #1: Unlock the Apple Watch.

Step #2: Press the “Digital Crown” button to bring up apps on the screen.

Step #3: Find and press and hold the app that you would like to delete.

Step #4: Once you see (x) on the app, tap on it.

Delete app on Apple Watch
Delete app on Apple Watch

Step #5: Tap “Delete.”

Step #6: Lastly press the Digital Crown and get back to the home screen.

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