How to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone, iPad

Reset keyboard Dictionary

Here guide about Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone. The iPhone keyboard is giving to all varied experience forever because that provides vital functions like suggest predictive, definition of each word in the dictionary and much more. However, after the iOS devices support third-party keyboard and easy to install way, sometimes users having clutter issue to typing on a great keyboard.

So if you having issue relates your iPhone keyboard then you must try given a standard solution. Through this way, you’ll return the keyboard dictionary to factory defaults. Here, Apple iPhone dictionary is nothing but its only feature of the software keyboard, which you use to get the definition of a word through select the word and tap Define. Before going with the best solution, know what impression occurs after reset keyboard settings on iPhone. Don’t Miss- Best iOS Keyboard Apps

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  • Will delete all custom words you have typed on the keyboard
  • returning the keyboard dictionary to factory defaults
  • Default emoji color icon

Want to do Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone? Then please go with below guide.

Handy way to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone: Common Solution for all iPhone’s

1. Go to Settings app (look likes gear icon) on your iPhone home screen

2. Navigate General (you can use Settings Search bar)

Handy way to reset keyboard settings on iPhone

3. Scroll down the Screen and tap on Reset

4. Tap on Reset keyboard Dictionary – you’ll be asked Enter Passcode, enter your correct passcode

Tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone

Step 5. You will get a pop-up tap on Reset Dictionary

Reset keyboard Dictionary

Hope you would feel factory settings keyboard again and its error free too. Even ever Reset Keyboard Dictionary not working or won’t reset then Reboot your device and try again. Don’t miss to share your feedback on reset keyboard settings on iPhone.

The guide is useful for all iOS 10 and iOS 11 supported devices including iPhone 5S/SE, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 plus, iPhone x, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPads.

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