Save webpage login credential on Mac OS X EI Capitan, Yosemite

Show Saved Web Sites Password on MacBook, Mac: Auto-Fill Password Not Working

Keychain is a password/ Card management app for all Mac OS X users, who can easily save/ Update or Delete login credentials on Safari without accessible from third-party extensions or Websites. Alternatively, all web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera and etc) allow for save login and password within the browser. That can be stealing by hackers in most cases, be aware. So, Save webpage login credentials on Mac using the Apple keychain app, later on, use to and easy sync on cross-platform (iOS) and devices (iPhone/ iPad). Here’s Enable or Access iCloud Keychain Password on iPhone, iPad.

Keychain also uses to save login details forcefully after command never save details from this webpage to browser. Convincingly, keychain evaluation is surprising for all apple lovers.

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Setup or Save Webpage Login Credential on Mac Using Keychain

Disable and Re-Enable iCloud Keychain on MacBook Mac


  1. Click on Apple Logo () From Top Mac Menu > Click on System Preferences.

    Finder System Preferences option on Mac
    Finder System Preferences option on Mac
  2. Now, Click on Apple ID.

    Apple ID settings on Mac System Preferences
    Apple ID settings on Mac System Preferences
  3. Next, Select the Keychain Checkbox. if it’s Enabled already then Uncheck and Select Again. iCloud Keychain Activation will take a few seconds. You will see the Speaning wheel process next to the Name.

    Enable icloud keychain on Mac
    Enable iCloud Keychain on Mac
  4. That’s it.

Find Saved Login Password on Your MacBook Mac: if Auto-Fill Not Working

Step 1: Open Keychain app from finder on Mac under Application/utilities/Keychain Access.appSave webpage login credential on Mac OS X EI Capitan, Yosemite

Step 2: Next, Choose Login keychains and Password from category inside pane on keychain windows.All saved login credentials list

Note: Before you have to unlock login keychain for make changes in Keychain access using your administrate password.Unlock for change in Keychain

Step 3: Now, Add login credentials with web address login page, Username and Password.Enter Webpage login and Password

Test on Safari browser, Enter URL in browser and Login page screen shown popup from the keychain, Access your page for fill saved login and password by allowing permission it manually.Access Keychain on Browser

Here, in the test example I added Facebook page URL and Username, Password in keychain app. See screen whenever I access this page will receive verification popup. In the case if I want to go with another login then click on Deny and Enter updated login credential.

Manage Password on safari browser, Go to Top Menu Safari > Preferences > Password.Browser login filled by keychain

Note: There are many third-party apps for manage all passwords on Mac under one roof, 1Password, Bluenote 1.25, Keeper, OneSafe 1.0.3, PassLocker and Passwarden.

Any queries and want help on the keychain to save webpage login credentials on Mac OS X.

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