How to Search Folders Located in the Google Drive Folder on Mac

here are the tips to search and find folder location on Google Drive installed on Mac. or Google Drive won't open from the Finder sidebar.

The search function is helpful to find the document, media files, and folder saved in a different location or in the Subfolder. This timesaving technique is also available on Google drive Web and App layout. But several users are failed to find this feature in the google drive app installed on Mac. Use the below steps, if you Can’t Search Mac for Folders Located in the Google Drive Folder.

Before following the steps below make sure your Google account signed in on your Google Drive mac app.

Steps to use Search or Find the folder in Google Drive app on Mac

  1. Make sure google drive is open on your Mac. if not, then search for Google Drive in spotlight search [Command + Space].
  2. Now, you have to log in to your Google account in the Google device app, click on the Google Drive shortcut icon at the top Mac menu bar > Sign in.
  3. Login with your Google account, you will be redirected to Browser with Google login Screen. once you log in.
  4. Go back and click on the Google Drive shortcut icon on the top mac menu > See the Search icon [mgnification icon]. to Use the Search function in google
  5. You will get the result from Google drive cloud on
  6. That’s it.get-folders-and-files-with-name-in-google-drvie-on-mac

There are no alternate techniques to find or search folder that is located in the google drive app. If your Mac hasn’t installed or Signed in Google account then use Google Drive web.

Using Google Drive Web on Browser Mac or PC

Your Google Drive file is secure for all time, that you can access using alternate methods, So don’t worry about “public google drive search engine”, Google will not help you to search Google Drive files on Google But we can use Google drive Website.

  1. Open Browser [Safari, Chrome or etc…] on Mac. Go to the Google Drive website and login with your Google account.
  2. Select My Drive from left panel in Google Drive
  3. Use Search Box to find the files, documents and folder. along with use Filter option, Click on filter icon and Set the permaeter from that you want document or folder. if you don’t know the folder name, then use Date filter and see the saved folders and file from Trash, starred or Encrypted data.use-filter-option-to-search-in-google-drive-on-mac
  4. That’s it.

Hope you get your Document quickly and easily with alternate methods and techniques.

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