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Almost settings of iOS devices, you can do using the Accessibility Technology. Same thing here you can get Turn on Invert Colors Screen on your iPhone or iPad from the Accessibility. If you want your iPhone’s screen print in invert colors, then you’ve to require Turn on invert colors screen feature in your iPhone or iPad. As well Invert colors screen has most useful in the night time even whenever we’re working with some app or reading something. Invert color is nothing, but it’s a look like a negative photocopy.

In invert colors mode half of the folks are happy because during reading in the nighttime with inverting colors so that most text is white on black, helps improve contrast. Much useful for those users who have visual impairment because this feature will magnify the iPhone or iPad screen. Would you impress to do turn invert colors screen on your iPhone then read below steps?         

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Enable Invert Color on iPhone, iPad: iOS 13

Using iPhone with high brightness during nighttime could be frustrating, that’s why you should enable smart invert on iPhone. The smart invert in iPhone will reverse the color tone of the display, other than pictures, media and some of the apps on your device. Here’s how to enable/disable smart invert in iOS 13 iPhone and iPad.

  • Settings app > Accessibility > Display & Text Size> Toggle on Smart Invert.
Enable Smart Invert on iOS 13

Enable Smart Invert on iOS 13

Moreover, iOS 13 has new Dark Mode, learn how to enable Dark Mode in iPhone, iPad

Guide on Enable or Turn On invert Colors Screen in iPhone – iOS 8

Step 1. Launch, Settings app, from your iPhone home screen.

Step 2. Tap on, General. invert Colors Screen settings on iPhone

Step 3. Tap On, Accessibility.

Step 4. Turn Invert Colors On, Under the Vision section.  invert colors mode in to the accessibility technology

turn off invert colors and second turn on invert colors mode on iOS 8Here your task is complete. If you want Turn on Invert Colors Screen in your iOS 8 devices or if you’ve already Turn on invert colors mode and you want Turn Off to invert colors than follow beneath given steps.

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Tip for do Normal mode or Turn off Invert Colors Screen in iPhone

  • Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Turn Invert Colors

After Turn off invert colors, you can get a normal color screen which you’ve before. Now your turn leave your comment as a feedback concern this tip on how to turn on invert colors on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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