“Walkie-Talkie coming soon” on Apple Watch, How it works, Stuck or Loading, Also Making unresponsive

Last Updated on Dec 4, 2020What is Walkie-Talkie? And how it works in WatchOS 5 guide? Apple watch’s new feature in WatchOS 5 is Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch. A user can send a short message from your Wrist watch to other Watch or iOS 12 (iPhone, iPad) users. So partner watch use can view or listen short Message quickly and easily at a glance. Just like iMessage Voice clip we can send it via Apple Watch.

People are surprised and willing to use right now for the test. Unfortunately, are you receiving a message like “Walkie-Talkie coming soon”, Apple Watch Screen is Stuck or Loading and Unresponsive.

Apple Watch Walkie Talkie will be available with the public version of WatchOS at Coming later this year. We have steps for you: How it works?

Steps for Apple Watch Showing “Walkie-Talkie coming soon”: How to setup? & How it Works?

  • Step 1: Open Apple Watch screen or unlock with the passcode.
  • Step 2: Find Yellow app icon from apple watch home screen.
  • Step 3: Now, you can see “+” button for add more people. If people are added in Walkie-Talkie app that scrolls down to last of saved names of the list.

5 Receive Walkie Talkie Notification on apple watch

Step 4: Find the new names or suggested names in the list. Tap on the name to add in list.

6 Record Voice on Walkie talkie app on Apple Watch

Step 5: when you add a new person in the list, another person will receive notification for accept Walkie-talkie invitation. One he or she accepts the invitation, you can send the audio message via a cellular or Wi-Fi connection in small & very high definition sound quality.

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8 Listen Audio Message on Walkie Talkie apple watch app running WatchOS 5 or later

At the receiving end, you will listen beep beep sound before play the audio message in Walki-Talki app.

That’s cool.


  • Walkie-Talkie missing or won’t show: Find Yellow icon app or Check for update WatchOS. Walkie-Talkie is available on WatchOS 5 or later version.
  • Reboot or hard restart both apple watch and try again. – Press and Hold Digital Crown button + Side button until you see the black screen or apple logo on Apple Watch screen.
  • Check WiFi is turned on or Connected with iPhone (if are you using cellular connection).
  • iPhone should be turned on while using Walkie Talkie.

Now enjoy new Walkie-Talkie feature on WatchOS 5 or later watchOS version running on Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 2 or series 1.

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