What does iPhone XR come with in the Box?

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020What does iPhone XR come within the Box?

The iPhone XR was already launched last year with some amazing feature. It packs the advanced A12 Bionic Chip, Capable of performing artificial intelligence calculations and upgraded the rear and front camera. However, the 6.1-inch stunning LCD display will definitely make your day. The question is what does iPhone XR come within the box? Apple has included all the basic accessories with iPhone XR such as,

  1. Five-Watt Charging Adaptor

Surprisingly Apple has included Five-Watt charging adaptor which is design to deliver faster charging compare to previous year chargers.

  1. Lightning Cable

From the beginning, Apple didn’t change the lightning cable, while in Mac, a new USB-C connector was introduced. But the lightning cable with Apple XR is efficient and secure, unlike any other cable.

  1. EarPods with Lightning Connector

As we know that in iPhone 7, Apple eliminated the 3.5mm jack from the device, and iPhone XR is no exception. Apparently, you will get wired headphone which can be connected to the charging port to listen to music, videos, and other media. You have to buy $9 converter to enjoy EarPods on iPhone XR. And it is limited to iPhone only, you cannot use it another smartphone.

Which is the best color in iPhone XR?

Unlike iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS, iPhone XR comes with not one or two but six different color options. A wide color range was offered previously with iPhone 5C and after such a long time now you can get in iPhone XR. The following colors are available in iPhone XR,

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Coral
  • Red

Keep in mind that these color varieties are only available on the back side of iPhone XR. It simply hides the notch on the iPhone to make iPhone XR more awesome.

Which color is best for iPhone XR?

  1. iPhone XR White

I would not recommend white color for iPhone XR as it will get dirty and the color combination of the black and white color isn’t much pretty.

  1. iPhone XR Black

If you are a fan of Black color, then I would not stop you to go for the Black variant. Though it is difficult to distinguish between iPhone XS Max or iPhone XS with iPhone XR, as they also come with Black color. So if you are not in that state of mind then buy this sleek and stealthy color of iPhone.

  1. iPhone XR Blue

A lot more smartphone brands are offering blue color as you have seen in Huawei and Samsung. But if you are iPhone fan and bored of the same color then Blue is the best color for iPhone XR.

  1. iPhone XR Yellow [Hot favorite iPhone XR color announced so far]

Yellow is a unique color when it comes to mobile phones. Usually, nobody would select Yellow color for their phone unlike they want to differentiate themselves from other people. If you are going for Yellow color, then kindly buy the clear case, as another case will hide your one and only yellow colored iPhone XR.

  1. iPhone XR Coral

Not interested in RED color iPhone XR? Then Coral variant is the best alternative for you. Besides Red color is quite bold for iPhone XR, still, if you love Red then Coral is good for you.

  1. iPhone XR Red Product

Apple releases the Red edition of the iPhone on some occasions and I am surprised that people buy Red colored iPhone. It is not that bad if you love Red color. Go for it.

Does iPhone XR come with Wireless AirPods?

Unfortunately, iPhone XR doesn’t come with Wireless AirPods. However, you will get EarPods, in the pack. Besides, if you want to use EarPods on iPhone XR, a lightning connector worth $9 will need and work as a converter. Since Apple isn’t giving $9 converter in the box, how do we expect $159 AirPods with iPhone XR? I would suggest you buy AirPods Alternatives for iPhone XR from Amazon as it will be cheaper compared to AirPods. Nevertheless, you can buy AirPods on Apple.com or from the nearest local Apple Store.

This AirPods alternative will work perfectly on your iPhone XR. Or if you cannot afford wireless headphone for iPhone XR, then don’t worry the EarPods are far better than any other headphone. Moreover, wireless headphone or AirPods need to be charged prior to use and EarPods doesn’t need any charger as it consumes little power from your iPhone only.

What is the difference Between iPhone XS and iPhone XR?

Apple’s trio has made 2018 worth remembering with amazing functions. In case you have decided to buy iPhone in 2019, but still confused which is best among iPhone XS and iPhone XR? If your budget is quite low then iPhone XR is recommended, only you have to compromise some features. iPhone XS screen size is 6.1-inch whereas iPhone XR comes with 5.8-inch. While the storage options in iPhone XR and iPhone XS is the same, as per your convenience you can buy it. The camera on iPhone XR is the only 12MP and the iPhone XS consists dual camera of 12MP+12MP.

From the beginning, Apple doesn’t focus on Battery life of iPhone, but iPhone XR offers 2942mAh which is more than iPhone XS’s 2658mAh. Performance wise iPhone XR is quite low as it comes with 3GB RAM and on the other side, iPhone XS has 4GB RAM, though it will not affect much. These were the key feature where iPhone XR differs from iPhone XS otherwise all the functions are alike. iPhone XR is preferable if you don’t like to play high-end games and want only for basic functions.

Is the Camera Good on iPhone XR?

When it comes to the overall comparison between iPhone X and iPhone XR, iPhone XR is best. However, when we compare the iPhone X camera with iPhone XR, then iPhone X camera is good. iPhone X has two Telephoto lens for better zoom and picture quality. Even if you compare with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Camera, the iPhone XR gives worst camera quality. Both iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS have Telephoto lens just like iPhone X.

The Telephoto lens is amazing when it comes to Portrait Mode and Zoom Pictures. Besides, if you go for iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, the super Retinal display will improve your experience and unfortunately, iPhone XR comes with Liquid Retina LCD Panel. OLED makes the phone brighter and contrast is much better than a simple LCD display.

The price of iPhone X is more than iPhone XR, but if you want iPhone for Camera then spend a few more bucks and get iPhone X or iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Or you will regret and all that your precious money will get wasted for nothing.

Does iPhone XR have Portrait Mode Camera?

Portrait mode has become an essential feature in all the smartphone whether it is a budget phone or expensive phone. And when the blur effect is added in Portrait Mode, the photo looks like DSLR image. As we have compared the Pictures taken from iPhone XS and iPhone XR on portrait mode, the iPhone XR nailed it compared to iPhone XS. Though iPhone XR has only one rear camera, the picture quality was considerable compared to iPhone XS.

Apart from iPhone XS, we have also compared the photos of Google Pixel 3 with iPhone XR Portrait Mode. Guess who won? One and only our iPhone XR. The Apple has upgraded its technology and so Portrait Mode is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Neural Nets. Isn’t it grateful? Without giving a dual camera, yet iPhone XR beats other high-end devices.

It also depends on perspective when it comes to judging picture quality of iPhone XR, iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3. Some people will end up with the conclusion that iPhone XS or Pixel 3 is better than iPhone XR.

Does iPhone XR have Dual Camera?

Sorry to tell you that iPhone XR doesn’t have Dual-lens Camera. Looking to Buy iPhone from last year trios? Unfortunately, iPhone XR has only one 12-MP lens on the rear side. The Telephoto lens was firstly introduced with iPhone 7 and continuous on all the iPhones except iPhone XR. The 2nd camera usually used to zoom 2x and creates depth-effect which is called Bokeh. The good news is iPhone XR don’t need the second camera to capture Portrait Mode pictures as it uses artificial intelligence program to capture bokeh mode photos.

The iPhone XR comes with an edge-to-edge display which is available on most expensive device but at $749 you can have iPhone XR. After all such discussion, the conclusion is iPhone XR doesn’t have Dual-lens camera. But still, it is capable enough to click Portrait Mode pictures with a special program of Apple developed for it. So if your budget is slightly less then iPhone XR is recommended for you. Choose the storage variant whichever you want.

Does iPhone XR have Gorilla Glass?

The fact is Apple uses Gorilla Glass from the very first iPhone. Although iPhone XR contains Liquid Retina HD Display of 6.1-inch with 1792×828-pixel resolution. Other than this, it comes with Multi-Touch Display with IPS technology.

However, Apple does import screen from other manufacturers and is very precise about the quality of it. Since now, Apple hasn’t confirmed or mentioned anywhere that iPhone XR has Gorilla Glass. But it is an open secret that Apple uses Gorilla Glass on the iPhone.

While other companies didn’t miss a single chance to show that they have used Gorilla Glass. This is how Apple differs from other smartphone brands. Additionally, there is no need to announce that iPhone XR uses Gorilla Glass as you will get to know after using the device.

Have you seen any of the drop tests of the iPhone? If not then Google it, you will get dozens of videos regarding the strength of iPhone XR display.

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