Fix Missing App Store icon on iPhone 15, 14

App Store App Missing on iPhone and iPad

Without logging in to the iPhone App Store, Users cannot install any official Apps or non-Apple Apps on the iOS device(s). Therefore, to download and install applications user must have a genuine Apple ID, passcode, and App Sore App icon. if you don’t have even anyone out of the described three then you can’t download … Read more

Fix Unable to Download App From App Store on iPhone (iOS 17.3.1)

Can't Download Apps on iPhone App Store

Many iPhone users have encountered “Unable to Download App” and couldn’t download the app this time when downloading the app from the App Store. The pop-up includes two options “Done” and “Retry.” Further, they reported that the same error message appears repeatedly.  No matter what the error message indicates, it is nerve-racking as the iPhone … Read more

How to Keep Your iPhone Screen on for a Longer Time

Set the auto-lock screen time to an average duration between 30 seconds to 5 minutes to improve your iPhone or iPad’s battery life and security. Avoid setting a minimum time of 30 seconds as it can lock your screen frequently during short processes. Useful: Change the time for auto Enable Passcode. Steps to Change Default … Read more