10 Best Camera Tips and Tricks for iPhone 11 Pro Max

For the very first time, Apple has changed the camera’s lookout, till now we have seen the vertical and only round-shaped camera, but now, iPhone 11 has gone too far to compare with other rivals. The iPhone 11 comes with dual-camera alongside, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max, is equipped with triple-cameras, each has a different function and after using all the premium camera features of iPhone 11 Pro Max, I’m really impressed and want to share few thoughts on iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera and how to use iPhone 11 to be a Pro.

You may have used the popular features like Slofies and Ultra-Wide Angle Lens, of iPhone 11 Pro Max, but still, you are missing extreme functions of iPhone 11 Pro Max’s camera, which I’ll show you in this guide.

Best Camera Tricks for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

#1. Video Recording While Capturing Shots

One of the best features of iPhone 11 Pro Max’s Camera is, it lets you record videos whilst capturing photos, without switching or changing to Video Mode. This feature was introduced with the major iOS 13 update, to use it, firmly press and hold the shutter button, your iPhone will switch to video mode and start recording videos, in the same frame.

If you feel like, Video Recording is going to belong, then just slide the shutter towards the right side, this is how you can switch from picture mode to video mode.

#2. A Slofie

Slofie? Sounds interesting? We have had our fun with Slo-Mos with third-party applications like Snapchat but from the past few models, Apple has already embedded this feature to your iPhone. However, Slofie is something cool, that you would want to try once, on iPhone 11 lineup. To capture Slofie, launch the Camera app and above the Red Shutter Icon swipe to SLO-MO. There you go, click as much as Slofies on your iPhone.

Moreover, I’d like to share one more word about Slofie, while shooting Slofies on Rear Camera of iPhone 11, it will record at 240fps, but the TrueDepth Front Camera is limited to record at 120fps.

#3. Use Different Camera Modes: Wide, Ultra-Wide and Telephoto

Expensive phones like the iPhone are equipped with three different Camera, Telephoto, Ultra-Wide, and Wide, to shoot the photos and videos like Pro. If you are the photographer or mobile geek, then definitely tried all of these camera modes to get the best out of it and also know how to switch between camera modes on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

To use and change camera modes, make sure Photo mode is on and set the option. We don’t know, which camera lens is currently active, therefore, check it and change if necessary. Here’s how Wide, Ultra-Wide and Telephoto Lens are differentiated; 1x, is Wide Lens, 2 states Telephoto Lens and 0.5x is for Ultra-Wide Lens.

When to use Wide and Ultra-Wide Lens, while shooting an object that is closer to you,  but more like, you want to fit the distance objects in the same image, at that time switching between Wide and Ultra-Wide Lens is recommended.

When to use Telephoto Lens, it is inverse but quite similar to Wide and Ultra-Wide mode. With Telephoto Lens, you would be able to blur background objects, keeping the main subject highlighted.

#4. 4K Video from Front Camera

4K Videos from Selfie Camera are a great choice for occasions like Weddings or Partying, while everyone is busy recording or capturing their own moments, the iPhone will never let you feel helpless. Quickly change the camera settings and take your own cover at 4K, which may never look like it is taken by the front camera if we talk about quality.

From Settings App > Camera App > and Record Video, you can choose from three 4K options available. A mid setting 4K at 30fps is always recommended if you are low on storage but still want to shoot 4K videos on iPhone.

#5. Wide Panoramas

It’s surprising that the ultra-wide-angle camera works with Panorama mode to widen the videos, by keeping the same original quality. By default, 1x is selected, choose the Pano mode and set the wheel to 0.5x and you are ready to go with Ultra-Wide Panoramas on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

#6. Ensure Great Quality In Dark Places Too: Night Mode

Unlike any other device that offers Night Mode, iPhone’s far better, without compromising the minor details and keeps more natural. There’s no manual way to customize Night Mode settings on iPhone 11 Pro Max, it will automatically, analyze your nearby area’s light and get you a perfect picture. However, how do you know enable Night Mode on iPhone 11 Pro Max, and how do you know whether the Night Mode is enabled or not?

  • See the moon icon, at the top-left corner after launching the Camera app.
  • Tap on it. When the Night Mode is enabled, the moon will turn Yellow.

Your iPhone 11 is picky don’t worry keep your device steady while capturing photos and enjoy Night shots.

#7. Burst Mode

With iOS 13, Apple has introduced a new way to take photos in bulk, which we usually called burst mode. Previously, we were used to pressing and holding the shutter to use the burst mode, but now, Apple has changed away, as sometimes, mistakenly users just want to take a single photo, and in response, burst mode gets activated.

Ultimately, to use Burst Mode on iPhone 11, fairly press the Shutter icon and swipe it down to the left side.

#8. The Aspect Ratio

With iPhone 11 series, we have one more Aspect Ratio, 16.9 along with 4:3 and 1:1. You can use it by tapping on 4:3(most commonly used) and change it to 16.9.

#9. Basic Filters

If you want to use simple filters just to decorate the photos, then iPhone’s built-in Filter Options are enough, there is no need to download any third-party photo editor or photo app for iPhone. Tap on the luminous colored arrow on the top of the camera app’s screen, and choose the filter.

#10. Widen Portraits on iPhone 11

Your iPhone 11 is capable to capture wide portraits and broadened, the photos on the go. Jump it to the Camera and choose Portrait and then tap 1x to use the Wide Portrait feature of your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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