ad free iTunes radio from iPhone, iPad and Mac: Bypass

Trying iTunes radio ad-free and when you listen from your Mac running on OS X (Yosemite, Mavericks) or iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 7, iOS 8. Zibity made free tools for your Mac and iOS device separately in free of charge; you don’t need to apply any cracking techniques. Here are the basic steps on how to listen to Ad-free iTunes radio from iPhone and Mac.

Latest Update: iTunes Radio discontinued by The Company on January 28, 2016. So RIP iTunes radio, You should look at these best Radio Apps for iOS

Step to block or stop ads on the radio: Live experience with Ad-free iTunes radio from iPhone 

Ad free iTunes radio from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or MacGet ad-free radio experience on your Mac or iPhone, before doing this please take backup your device positively.

Whole process device in two parts: First you have to install irradiate on Mac or iOS and then you have “Restore ads”.

Install irradiate on Mac: Ad-free iTunes radio from Mac

For Mac Download irradiate for Mac from official developer website, Place inside the system application folder, after successfully done Launch it and Click on Block Ads,

Then You have to restart for system sync

Now you have to do the process for Restore ads given at last of this article.

Install irradiate on iPhone: Ad-free iTunes radio from iPhone: iOS 7 or Later

Download and install, run ads free radio on an iOS device, you need to change proxy settings under the Wi-Fi settings. So Go to the Settings > Wi-Fi > Tap on “i” icon.

And paste the Below URL:

Next, for the network configuration setting applied you have to restart your device.

The last process you have to do for Mac or iOS

For the reverse process means to urn on Ads on iTunes radio in-between you have to do “restore ads” by re-launch “Irradiates”.

For iOS device remove proxy URL from the Wi-Fi settings. And Re-Boot your device.

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Having any trouble to block or experience Ad free iTunes radio from iPhone or Other iOS device and Mac device share with us on the basic process you have done. We will revert you on positive feedback.

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