Alternate Way for Check Activation Lock before Purchase used iPhone, iPad

Our motto to publishing this tutorial, on Alternate Way of Check Activation Lock is that whenever you’re going to buy used Apple device from an Authorized Apple store or from someone other than Apple. We’re recommending to you, for must ensure that the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch whatever you want to buy has been erased completely and is no longer linked to the earlier owners of the devices. Keep remembering Activation Lock works only with those devices which are running iOS 9, iOS 10 and later. There are two methods to check Activation Lock. Both ways are described deeply at below. Using this way you can also check that buying iPhone, iPad or iPod was stolen or what?

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Way of Check Activation Lock before Purchasing used iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: iOS 10/ iOS 9

1st Way –

You can check Activation Lock through visiting site from any Personal computer or on the Mac.

Check Activation Lock of Phone, iPad or iPod touch

Enter the IMEI or Serial Number of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Capture code of the image and then click on Continue.

2nd Way –

You can also check Activation Lock using below Steps

  • first of all, check Passcode or Home screen lock appears is yeah, then that device has not been erased. Now Ask the sellers to erased the device data completely, using this way
  • Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Content and Settings

A caveat: – this is helpful for you even into the future also, please don’t take Possession of any used iPhone or iPad or iPod touch until it’s been totally erased.

  • Begin the Procedure of device set up
  • The device will begin activation, after the Choosing language, Country, and connecting to a network.

If you’re asked for previous Owner’s Apple ID or Password, in this case, the device still linked to their account.

At a time give the device to the sellers and ask them to enter their password or if the previous owner is not present in that case, they can remove the account from the device through .

Don’t take Possession of any used iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until it has been removed the earlier Owner account from the devices.

Learn below when your device has fully ready to use if you get below-given message

Set up your iPhone,” “Set up your iPad,” “Set up your iPod”. Even you start device for setup.

I hope this guide on Check Activation Lock before purchasing used iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This tutorial becomes most helpful for you because without activate iOS device you can’t enter your own Apple ID.

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