Fix Apple TV 4 sound not working: on sound bar or Speaker

Are you interrupting on watch live streaming from (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon instant video, YouTube, Sling TV, Vudu) or video mirroring from your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)? Sound has been gone suddenly or external sound bar/ built in TV speaker stop between voice or music. Really terrible sound or unwanted noise coming with pure voice, but you don’t have an idea about what you need to do or how to short out in step by step. Here you have a guide on apple TV 4 sound not working, or any other Apple TV version.

Don’t be panic on can’t hear sound or noisy sound coming from smart TV’s speaker or external wireless Apple TV sound bar.Settings on Apple TV 4 sound not working or stopper

Fixed Steps for Apple TV 4 sound not working or stopped on Sound bar: ATV 4, ATV 3, ATV 2 recommended

Fix 1.

Remove/ Unplug HDMI cable from the both end, then plug in back at on Apple TV and the second on your TV Screen.

Fix 2.

Completely shutdown/ Turn off your Apple TV and TV or External Speaker if you are using. Also fix plug Switched on back receiver and Apple TV.

Fix 3.

Make straight connection between speaker/ TV screen and Apple TV if you added Extension/ Switch/ Receiver for boost up sound quality. Remove all the devices and re join, and then test sound.

Fix 4.

Check settings configuration in Audio & Video option. Navigate to the Settings > Audio & Video in your apple TV 4.

Also check Audio out is set to Apple TV, and

Audio mode should be change from auto to 16 bit.

Next, Sound Effect and Music should be on.

Fix 5.

Adjust surround sound as of which types of connection you set like HDMI, LPCM or Stereo. Go to the Settings > Audio and Video > Surround Sound > Auto/ Digital Dolby Surround/ Stereo. Get full idea about new Surround Sound for apple TV 4 is here.

Fix 6,

Reset Apple TV is a formal solution at last if you have double check above steps on apple TV sound problem. Settings > System > Reset.

Above steps are on high priority for any case if your Apple TV 4 sound not working or stopped from wrong configurations and settings changes.