How to Adjust Touch Sensitivity on Siri Remote/Apple TV Remote

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelHere, how to change or adjust Touch sensitivity on Siri Remote/Apple TV Remote. The new Apple TV 4 comes with Siri Remote/ Apple TV Remote. It comes with a new incredible interface, which means the Siri remote upper part of (Menu + home) buttons you will get the glass Touch surface with medium speed. Old generation Apple TV was buttons controlled. But now, Apple TV 4K and Apple TV come up with touch remote. So hope you are using your thumb on the touch surface of Siri Remote to navigate around the screen (swipe up, down, left, or right, scroll on the touch surface) and select an item.

By the way, you use it as a button. Default the Apple gives touch surface tracking speed is medium, even you want slow or fast, then you can do it easily. Because glass surface of Siri Remote/ Apple TV remote designed by engineers. it provides an experience that feels both fluid and precise. In addition, touch surface sensitivity is customizable so you can modify from medium to fast or fast to slow or whatever you want. Have you no idea how to change or adjust Touch sensitivity on Siri Remote/Apple TV Remote? Follow our given below steps that let you learn it.

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Change or adjust Touch Sensitivity on Siri Remote/Apple TV 4K/ATV 4th Remote

how to to setup Apple TV 4 remote touch surface sensitivity

  • Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your TV Screen.
  • Step 2. Select Remote and Devices option appear between Airplay and Apps
  • Step 3. Choose Touch Surface Tracking
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Change or adjust Touch sensitivity on Siri Remote

Now on your TV screen, you will appear there are three options like Fast, Medium and Slow,

If you already on Medium and want to Fast touch sensitivity then swipe up, if you want to slow then select Slow.

Adjust Touch sensitivity on Apple TV

You’re done!

So hope, from now you will feel changes in Touch sensitivity of Siri remote. In short, you got more/slow touch surface tracking speed than before.

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Please share your feedback in below comment box. Tell us, how’s feeling after changes or adjust Touch sensitivity on Siri Remote/Apple TV 4 Remote.

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