Fix Apple Watch Not Counting Steps WatchOS 8 in 2022

Last Updated on May 7, 2022

Apple’s smart wearable gadget Apple Watch is similar to counting steps, and running activities as iPhone do. Unfortunately, sometimes several basic reasons make its tracking system slugs. As a result, the Apple Watch does not count steps accurately and track other exercises as well. Don’t worry. Here is a quick guide to resolve it. You guys, if you have your own Apple Watch and it accidentally stops counting steps and routine exercises. Then scroll down the screen and follow the below-given guide to fix it.

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Before getting started following steps, you required your iPhone to fix Apple Watch not tracking the problem. Meanwhile, the second-generation Apple Watch Series 2 has built-in GPS. So, it works to track outdoor activities like running, walking steps counting, and cycling without iPhone.

Why MyApple Watch Not Counting Steps Accurately? Get Fixed

Make sure that your Apple Watch and iPhone both running with the latest Software system (WatchOS 8 or later and iOS 15.4 and later).

Fix 1. Follow Steps on your iPhone,

  • Step 1. Open up the Settings App on your iPhone.
  • Step 2. Tap on Privacy that you can appear below the battery settings.
  • Step 3. Tap on Location Services and make sure that Location Services toggle is On/

Fix 2. Check out Motion Calibration & Distance is Enabled

Motion calibration and distance through Apple watch tracking activity accurately so it should be enabled.

  1. Go to Settings App on iPhone
  2. Tap on Privacy
  3. Tap on Location Services
  4. Now Scroll down the screen and Tap on System Services
  5. here confirm that the Motion Calibration & Distance is Turned

Fix 3: Enable Workout Reminder on Apple Watch

Using this settings apple watch keep eye on your moment and Send Reminder notification on your apple watch screen to start recording. Enable the settings below for your apple watch from your iPhone.

  1. Open Watch App on iPhone, Scroll to Workout.

    Workout Settings app on Apple Watch

    Workout Settings app On Apple Watch

  2. Next, Turn off Power Saving mode toggle and Enable Start Workout Reminder toggle on your iPhone.

    Disable Power Saving Mode and Enable Workout Reminder

    Disable Power Saving Mode and Enable Workout Reminder

  3. That’s it.

Fix 4: Enable Fitness Tracking on Apple Watch

In the Latest WatchOS Update, Apple watch user has more custom controls to manage the tracking system or Stop Automatically detect the Gym Equipment, Start Workout Reminder and more in the above steps. Here’s another important solution that Helps in measure accurate data for Step count, Calories Burnes and Fitness level.

  1. Open Watch App on iPhone.
  2. Scroll to the Privacy option.
  3. Next, Find the Option for Fitness Tracking and Enable the Toggle.
    • Use Your Body movement to determine your step count, Calories burned and fitness level.

      Enable Fitness Tracking on Apple Watch

      Enable Fitness Tracking on Apple Watch

  4. That’s it.

Fix 5: Unpair and Pair Apple Watch From iPhone

Let’s fix the internal software issues after a Software update or Outdated WatchOS Version by Unpair and Pair Apple Watch from iPhone. This process is safe and beneficial to fix all kind of software issues. Your contacts, Media files, and Other settings will remain as it is after setup complete. Follow the steps below for unpair and Re-Pair Apple watch with your iPhone.

  1. Open Watch App on iPhone.
  2. Tap on My Watch Tab > Tap on Apple Watch name > Tap on (i) button next to apple watch name > Unpair Apple Watch.
    • Keep your Apple Watch on Charge.
    • keep your Apple Watch Near as possible.
    • You need an apple watch passcode and an Apple ID password for verification.

The above settings are okay, now you can calibrate your Apple Watch. And hope, this would be work in your case. if you persist Apple watch not counting steps then keep continue.

Unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone and Re-pair again. Now check out it would work well. Even if you have any questions, regarding Apple Watch Not Counting Steps. Please drop that in the below comment box.

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