How to backup and restore whatsapp messages on iPhone

WhatsApp All messages backup and transfer is not easy on iPhone/ iPad as compare to other mobile platform. But through this article I explained in detail guide on how we can backup and restore whatsApp messages. Without technical knowledge, No data lost and done complete job successfully on anyhow, in alternative ways.

WhatsApp backup Very essential when you feel risk about important message lost, Keep all message at another place not on iPhone WhatsApp app, Switch to a new iPhone or move all messages to new number, Restore old whatsApp backup to fresh whatsApp setup or reinstall whatsapp.Backup and restore whatsapp messages on iPhone / iPad

Steps for Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages on iPhone/ iPad

Backup WhatsApp chat history from iPhone

From whatsApp app you can carefully tack full message backup in your iCloud account in free. For that you don’t need iCloud password for verification, Keep your iCloud free space for save full backup, in that make sure about how much free space in iCloud account (

Step 1: Open WhatsApp app on iPhone/ iPad

Step 2: Tap on Settings from beneath tab, Next Tap on Chats > Chat Backup.

Next Screen show up Data of taken last backup, Total Backup size and Auto Backup option and manually backup

Tap on Back Up Now (Start Backup in iCloud)Start WhatsApp backup in iCloud

Backup process shown on screen in percentage, Time duration depends on size of backup and your internet speed.

Restore or Extract WhatsApp on iPhone from iCloud Backup

Now, Reinstall WhatsApp backup or Setup WhatsApp on new iPhone, you need to restore saved whatsApp backup in iCloud account directly during setup.

Extract: You want see or extract all whatsApp messages on Mac/ PC, Great software available. That will extract all chats on your screen.

For Mac: Buy Now (iPhone/ iCloud Data Extractor) – 30% Discount Use this code – 3995AA9E68

Install Software, Login your iCloud account in software that will automatically detect all backup and Extracted data on the same screen.

And the same for if you have older iTunes backup on the system

That’s it. Don’t miss to share very helpful tricks about Backup and restore whatsapp messages from iPhone/iPad with your friends.