Best Apps to Turn Apple Watch into Your Personal Health Adviser in 2023

Best Heart Rate Measure apps for apple watch

Apple Watch Series 3 had an optical heart sensor, with series 4 you get the 2nd generation optical heart sensor but with that Electric sensor is also provided. This Heart sensor takes care of your healthy heart by constantly tracking heart rates. Data gathered by the watch is synced with the Health app of the iPhone. If there are any major variances in your heart rate, Apple Watch automatically warns you about your daily habit which might affect the irregularities of Heart rate.

There are many features of Apple Watch which can be enhanced by the application installed in the watch. Among those applications, these listed apps are some of the Best Heart Rate Tracking Application for Apple Watch. As we know apple watch is the world’s best Wrist heart rate monitor that Measure pulse rate during sleep, Walking, Exercise, Resting time.

is resting heart rate on Apple Watch accurate?

Yes, Millions of people trust and get accurate results till today, And Doctors as well. Also, we can set a notification for a limit on Heart rate from your Watch App, Enable Heart Rate notification on apple watch from iPhone’s Watch App.

According to your Heart health, you can try another best Apple Watch fitness apps that give extra control for your health.

Best Heart Rate Measure apps for apple watch
Best Heart Rate Measure apps for apple watch

Top Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Apple Watch in Free

  • Below is the list of most accurate heart rate monitor for all time

1. HeartWatch

Heartwatch heart activity app for apple watch
Heart watch heart activity app for apple watch

HeartWatch design makes this app a prime choice for Apple Watch User. Its Speedometer type looks to indicate heart rate obviously makes this tracking of heart rate more fun. If the indicator goes up to the maximum number when you are sitting idle, its time to consult your doctor.

It can track your heart rate when you are sleeping, walking, doing some Workout or Sitting Idle. So, in short, it can give you a report on your heart rate anytime you want. You can get a detail report of any past month or date from your Apple Watch. It also syncs those data with the Health app on the iPhone on a regular basis. While Considering heart disease, this app is also suggested by Health professionals to those who own Apple Watch.

Smart algorithm catches the heart rate during sleep time, People use this app for apple watch whose heart rate spikes during sleep apple watch.

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2. HeartAnalyzer

Heart Analyzer for Apple Watch
Heart Analyzer for Apple Watch

This app gives a very simple and easy to understand report of your heart rate on a regular time period. It shows a  statistical graph of your heart rate with a maximum, average and minimum rate of a day. It also analyzes the sleep activity without your input of sleeping time.

HeartAnalyzer also analyzes your heart rate while you are doing any physical activity, for this you might need to choose a different option called Heart rate Event (HR Event). This allows you to track heart rate constantly until you stop this option. You can scroll through all the previous data through your iPhone’s Health app of the past 12 months in the Paid version of this app.

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3. Cardiogram

Cardiogram apple watch heart app
Cardiogram apple watch heart app

You will need to sign up in a cardiogram account through the E-mail address and then sync your Health app data from your iPhone into this app. After this Cardiogram becomes a stand-alone app to record your heart rate even without the iPhone. It allows you to record your heart rate the same as Apple Watch inbuilt app but Cardiogram shows it in a Graphical Format with Ups and downs of rate.

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All this app could provide very sufficient information to doctor in a time of emergencies when reports might take time to come and treatment has to start on the basis of those reports. So try these apps and start taking care of your heart more than before.

Apple Watch is a portable heart rate monitor for all generation people, Apple made a pulse monitor at the backside of your apple watch. That we can analyze using the most popular Heart rate tracker apps for apple watch.

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