Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Apple Watch in 2024

Keep track of your Heart Rate With the Best Apple Watch Apps, For All of your Fitness Activities or Sleep with Proir history for improvement.

We often need to prioritize our health when we have many responsibilities or a tight work schedule. The path to fitness is relatively easy. You can easily and accurately track your health using an Apple Watch. Various apps available in the market can let your Apple Watch work as your personal health advisor. It means that they suggest all the best they can and effectively track your fitness regime. Moreover, their outcomes lead you to a better lifestyle filled with happiness. They automatically inform you about your daily habits that can affect your heart rate.

The default available apps for turning your Apple Watch into your health advisor are Breathe and Fitness. It is essential to understand various apps in-depth to convert your Apple Watch into your health advisor. The following product selection will let you easily choose the most suitable app.

Top Best Heart Rate Tracking Application for Apple Watch

1: Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor


The Science of You,

Welltory is a comprehensive health app that can help you turn your Apple Watch into a personal health advisor. The app takes a holistic approach to improving your health by analyzing data from various connected apps and gadgets. Welltory includes tools that assess various aspects of your life, such as sleep, stress levels, productivity, and blood pressure. Based on this assessment, the app provides personalized recommendations to help you feel better. With features that show correlations between various activities in your life and experiments that allow you to see how a certain choice impacted your state right away, it becomes easier to take steps towards improving what matters most. Unlike other fitness or medical apps, Welltory was made to provide insights into your health specifically and give guidance that can help make sustainable changes to your life.

2: HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker (paid)

HeartWatch Heart Rate Tracker
HeartWatch Heart Rate Tracker


  • Supports wrist temperature detection
  • Efficient health monitoring
  • Supports dynamic fitness habit tracker
  • Quick background heart rate alerts

This heart rate tracker supports you daily to keep you focused on your goals. You can instantly monitor your heart rate with the background heart rate alerts on your Apple Watch. The app allows you to explore various News Editions to discern more about your health progress and the trends. Moreover, the morning briefing displays the essential health information that helps you to begin your day more effectively.

The app doesn’t involve any surprise charges or subscriptions. So, it is a budget-friendly option. It is a dynamic fitness habit tracker that displays all news concerning your fitness trends. The in-depth trend analysis contains blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, blood oxygen (SpO2), HRV, and more. The comprehensive ECG analysis is supported.

3. Zones for Training 



  • 70+ types of workouts supported
  • Real-time exercise intensity monitoring
  • Shows all workout data
  • Supports four heart rate zones
  • Comfortable wearing experience

This app helps you get the most out of your Apple Watch. It precisely monitors your exercise regime and displays the correct results. Knowing your activities helps you to stay smart in your workout efficiency. Moreover, the app supports 70+ workouts, including walking, running, cycling, exercise, bike, treadmill, and strength training. You can use this app for indoor, outdoor, and gym workouts.

You can measure your workout intensity on your Apple Watch and review it on your iPhone. The app depicts your time expended in the four different heart rate zones. Besides, you can check all workout data via the Apple Health app. Hence, this app is useful as a comprehensive workout dashboard.

4. Heart Analyzer: Cardio Monitor 



  • No third-party analytics required
  • Accurate maintenance of health data
  • Allows viewing and comparing ECGs
  • Automatic LiveHR for the latest heart rate reading
  • Supports weekly notification summaries

This app displays your heart rate report at regular time intervals. It displays your heart rate’s statistical graph with a daily minimum, average, and maximum frequency. Moreover, it assesses sleep activity without accepting your sleep time input.

You can use this app to analyze your heart rate during physical activity. For the same, it allows you to select an option known as Heart Rate Event (HR Event). It helps you to track your heart rate until you disable this option continuously. Furthermore, this app can navigate all the historical data on your iPhone. The paid version displays your workout data from the past 12 months.

5. Gentler Streak 



  • Easy subscription sharing
  • Efficient bug fixes
  • Intuitive media controls
  • Tracks 104 activities
  • Supports real-time heart rate zones

If you are looking for a cutting-edge fitness and exercise tracker, you can choose Gentler Streak. It assists you in maintaining a perfect balance between rest and fitness. It immediately reverts to your readiness for the workout and suggests daily actions that maintain your body in the fit activity levels. Specifically, the active and rest recovery are elements of the actions that keep this watch running.

You can easily follow the guidance and check your fitness progress. You benefit from personalized recommendations about daily workout actions. These recommendations are categorized into type, intensity, and duration. The HR zones help you to monitor your workout intensity. Metric Charts display elevation gain, current elevation, and heart rate charts.

6. Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor 



  • Tracks unlimited custom symptoms
  • Easy sharing of health report
  • Offers personalized recommendations
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Real-time heart rate viewing

This heart rate tracker is famous because it displays your heart rate information being amassed from your smartwatch on a per-minute basis. Hence, you can continuously track your heart rate and stay fit. You can adjust the personalized heart rate alerts for low and high readings. You can use user-friendly, color-coded charts about your heart rate data, medication, time-stamped symptoms, and step counts.

You have to sign up to create a Cardiogram account through an email address. Consequently, you can synchronize your health app details from an iPhone to this app. Subsequently, this app works as a standalone app to monitor your heart rate without needing your iPhone. The Cardiogram app is unique because it shows the data in a graphical representation.

7. Heart Graph 



  • No ads
  • Integration with Apple Health
  • Supports audio rep counting
  • Direct graph comparison
  • Quick and easy session recording 

The Heart graph app evaluates in-depth graphs of your heart rate to let you thoroughly understand changes in your body with time. It doesn’t need accounts and subscriptions. Your data always remain safe on your Apple Watch. You can use this app for aerobic exercises like cycling, running, gym workouts, rowing, etc. Moreover, it helps you learn your typical heart rate to detect common health reasons.

It allows you to register new data and analyze your heart rate graph in real-time. Moreover, you can import data from Apple Health. Subsequently, you can compare data from previous sessions to understand your body’s changes with time. Hence, you can always accurately track your health.

8. Athlytic: AI Fitness Coach 



  • Supports 9+ widgets
  • Tracks various kinds of workouts
  • Clear health data representation 
  • High tracking efficiency
  • Accurately monitors sleep

Athlytic is renowned as your fitness coach because it offers personalized recommendations that help you to enhance your health. It informs you about your health recovery. It also suggests what approaches you must follow for sleep and training. It accurately analyzes your health stats, including heart rate changes, sleep, and heart rate. These details suggest how much effort you have to put into your body.

You can visually check all your health info with multicoloured charts. Specifically, it displays health data like sleep, energy consumed, energy burned, Vo2Max, macros, and more. Furthermore, it shows several complications to let you quickly glance at your daily heart rate chart, recovery, exertion, and more. The app’s intuitive interface lets you use the app more effectively.

9. Pillow – Auto Sleep Tracker 



  • Full heart rate analysis
  • Detailed sleep stage diagram
  • Precise audio recordings
  • Regularly updated sleep tips
  • Backup and synchronize sleep data

As suggested by the name, this app lets you sleep better. It works as your smart sleep assistant. It automatically analyzes your sleep cycles through your Apple Watch. Alternatively, you can use the Pillow app without an Apple Watch by mounting your iPad or iPhone on the mattress close to your pillow.

You can use this app as a smart alarm clock to wake up at the light sleep stage. Consequently, you can begin your day feeling more relaxed and refreshed. The app records essential audio events like sleep apnea, snoring, and sleep talking. You can easily play, send, or delete the audio recordings. Moreover, you can compare your sleep quality with several Apple Health metrics influencing your sleep.

10: HealthFit (Paid)


  • Easy workout sharing with OSM
  • Efficiently resolves bug
  • Quick and easy setup
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast response

Enhance your workout regime and ensure a healthier lifestyle with this HealthFit app. It is a user-friendly and efficient app for synchronizing to your preferred online exercise website/app. You can instantly check out your metrics and miles. One of the greatest aspects of this app is it is devoid of subscription. Hence, it is suitable for all health enthusiasts looking for a budget-friendly app for their Apple Watch.

It groups similar exercise workouts and hiking workouts. In the frequent workout types widget, the green colour signifies if your workout is better than the previous year. On the other hand, the red indicates if your workout is poorer than the previous year. Overall, the app works smoothly without errors.

Bottom Line!

With any of these apps, you can effortlessly and successfully track your health without wasting time. They provide all the necessary information that helps keep your body fit and more work productive. They convey precise health information that comes in handy during emergencies. They are implemented with cutting-edge sensors and technologies to keep you updated about your health. Besides being sleek and compact in design, you will enjoy the comfortable wearing experience. As discussed in the above section, the recommended apps for turning your Apple Watch into your personal health advisor help you accurately and easily track your health anytime, anywhere.

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