AirPods won’t Connect to Mac or AirPods Not Showing on Mac Bluetooth Device

Unable to Connect AirPods Pro to MacBook, Mac Monterey? This troubleshooting will show you the perfect fix AirPods connectivity issues.

Frequently, some users have reported that AirPods won’t connect to Mac. After using over a year, now AirPods are creating issues and it is not the case with only old ones. Another disadvantage of using AirPods is you can only connect wirelessly, and when difficulties like AirPods won’t connect to Mac arise, Is AirPods are useless for Mac Users? No, But this trick works [100%], For Windows PC or Mac and Other Smart Devices like Android, Tablets, iPad.

You can use Your Airpods with any Bluetooth Device and listen to Awesome sound that comes from the world’s best wireless Apple Earpods (Airpods 2 or Airpods 3rd generation). In this post, we have covered all the workaround which will help you to get rid of connecting issues of AirPods and restore the functionality of AirPods.  After trying each solution, check if the AirPods are connecting to the Mac or not.

Solutions also work for MacOS Monterey, Big Sur, or Earlier all MacOS (MacOS High Sierra, MacOS Sierra, MacOS EI Capitan, MacOS Mavericks, Yosemite).

Quick Fixes for Airpods Won’t connect to Mac, MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini or Other MacBook Pro/Air

Solution 1: Correct way to Reset AirPods While Connecting to Mac

Generally, Apple has made AirPods use with ease, and they are meant to connect iPhone and Mac automatically. But sometimes due to some inadequate problems AirPods won’t connect to Mac or MacBook. Don’t worry, let’s try to connect AirPods to Mac manually.

  • Step #1: On your Mac, click on “Apple Menu”.
  • Step #2: Go to “System Preferences”.
  • Step #3: Select “Bluetooth”.
  • Step #4: Click on your AirPods when the Bluetooth result appears.
  • Step #5: Click on (x) next to the AirPods.
  • Step #6: Choose “Forget Device” when the pop-up appears.
  • Step #7: Get back to the home screen and again follow the procedure to connect AirPods to Mac manually.

During Scanning the Bluetooth device, Reset Airpods at the same time showing on the below screen. at that time reset your Airpods. To reset Airpods 2 or Airpods 3, Open Airpods cap, Now Press and Hold the White back button. Until the white light will blink.

Now, Airpods will show in the list of nearby bluetooth devices.

Airpods won't connect to Mac
Airpods won’t connect to Mac

Click on connect button to listen to music or Mac Audio on your Airpods as an Output audio device. That’s it.

Hands-on Video Troubleshooting for Airpods Won’t Connect to Mac

Solution 2: Remove other Accessories from Mac

Still, AirPods not connecting to Mac? Please be sure that no other Bluetooth device is connected to your Mac. I would suggest you remove all the accessories except the mouse and keyboard and then try to connect AirPods with Mac. Check if it fixes AirPods connection to Mac.

Solution 3: Reset AirPods

In many cases, users are not familiar with the functions of AirPods and end up with such issues. So, we have only one solution for them, which is to reset AirPods to factory settings. Once you do so, all the settings will get cleared to factory settings and then you should try to connect AirPods with Mac.

  • Step #1: Hold down the button that is on the back side of the AirPods Charging Case (White button).
  • Step #2: Release the button when you see amber light and then white light.

Solution 4: Update AirPods

Like iPhone, Apple releases bug fixes and improvements in AirPods over updates.  Since you are dealing with one of the most critical situations with your AirPods, make sure AirPods are updated to the latest version. Here’s how to update AirPods,

  • Step #1:  Connect AirPods to your iPhone.
  • Step #2: Now, go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Step #3: Tap “General”.
  • Step #4: Select “About”.
  • Step #5: Locate and tap “AirPods”.
  • Step #6: You have to verify the Firmware Version of your AirPods if it is latest or outdated.
  • Step #7: If the firmware version is not 4A400 then you need to update AirPods.

Useful: How to Update Airpods?

  • Step #8: Put back the AirPods in the case and place it near to iPhone to start automatic updates.

Solution 5: Update macOS

If AirPods are up to date and yet AirPods won’t connect to Mac, then check for the updates on your Mac. Before doing, connect the Mac or MacBook with a strong internet connection to update the system without any interruptions. Follow the guide stepwise, as per the below criteria.

For macOS Mojave, macOS Monterey and Later:

  • Step #1: Click on the “Apple Menu”.
  • Step #2: Select “System Preferences”.
  • Step #3: Next, click on “Software Update”.
  • Step #4: If any pending update is available then click on “Update Now” and install it.

Get here what to if macOS update not showing up on App Store

  • Step #1: Launch the “App Store” on your Mac.
  • Step #2: Select “Updates” on the top of the screen.
  • Step #3: To update, use the Update button and get it done.

The above guide is Straight forward and Easy that learn how to connect Airpods to Mac and What are the solutions if My Airpods are unable to connect your Mac or Unknown mac. Write to us and send your feedback on how this article is helpful and problems so we can assist you!

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