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Apple Watch Series 4 Goes into Airplane Mode on its own: Apple Watch 3, Watch 2

When your Apple Watch Series 4 triggers Airplane Mode on its own, it also disables all the wireless connections like Wi-Fi and more. This happens because the functionality of Airplane mode is to disconnect the Apple Watch from all the connections, so ultimately you cannot use Wi-Fi and calling functions. Nevertheless, this problem arises even

How to Reset Apple Watch without Apple ID and Paired iPhone

Erase All Contant and Settings on Apple Watch without paired iPhone

Want to master reset Apple Watch Series 4/3/2? Here’s the way through which you can restore Apple Watch without iPhone. Usually when the Apple Watch won’t update or apps freezing or crashing working in Apple Watch in such cases restoring Apple watch is the best option. Though you will lose all the settings and data

Apple Watch Series 4 Digital Crown button Stuck and not Responding, unresponsive, scrolling by itself, or fell off

Apple Watch Series 4 Digital Crown button Stuck and not Responding unresponsive scrolling by itself or fell off

Digital Crown is heart button of the Apple Watch. What if it stops functioning correctly and becomes unresponsive, you know better than us. The Digital Crown is used to scroll the options, select them and even it is used to force restart the Apple Watch. But with Digital Crown not working in Apple Watch, every