14 Best HomePod Alternatives in 2020: Perfect Smart Speakers With Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri

Last Updated on Aug 8, 2020

In this article, I will share with you the best Alternatives to Apple HomePod in 2020. Be a part of the music world by tuning quality sound in the boosted sound system. Get HomePod alternatives that purify all the adverse effects around you and very well Senses in your office or the home itself. Amplified stereo system, Apps support, and other handy shortcuts that help all time while want ask some compelling question or help like a robot. If you know, we have HomePod animated features in Best HomePod alternatives sound system and personal digital assistants.

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HomePod users are disappointed with incorrect Siri response or Siri not wake up while asking or saying the command. Now Tune apple music from iDevice, Do shopping, and get the best information on any subject entirely and confidentially from below start device.

Best Alternatives to Apple HomePod in 2020

#1. Sonos One (Gen 2): Wireless streaming smart speaker

Sonos One (Gen 2) Smart Speaker

Sonos One (Gen 2)

Sonos One (Gen 2) top in the list of best HomePod alternatives for Music lovers, with exceptionally great Alexa abilities and a complete home audio system. Why buy a wired set of speakers when Sonos One is giving more than enough in a single speaker, with freedom move the speaker from one room to another. You can Get rich, room-filling sound. Easy to Connect Smart TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, and other Mobile Phones with the latest Bluetooth connectivity and play seamlessly.

The HomePod has Siri, but Sonos One comes with built-in Alexa, which is the world’s fastest and accurate voice assistant you can get right now. Besides, Google Assistant is also integrated with it. Set alarms ask whether, get real-time news updates, and much more, with your voice. You can control it with your voice, using the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2.

Sonos one vs Homepod sound quality: if we talk about the audio quality between both then the Sonos one doesn’t sound quite as good as the Apple HomePod. furthermore, Sonos one does not fill a room in a similar way. In conclusion, the Apple HomePod has better bass (Homepod order from BestBuy)even compared to two sets of Sonos speakers in stereo paired mode, as well as it’s deeper too.

You can buy Sonos One (Gen 2) from Amazon

#2. Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen): Premium sound Quality with built-in Alexa

Echo Plus (2nd Gen) HomePod Alternative 2020

Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

Amazon Echo lineup is one of the best affordable smart speakers in 2020 that you can buy right now. Amazon Echo Plus delivers incredible sounding, whether you’ve connected for Movies or Games. For a more personalized experience, you can set the equalizer settings that suit your room. Another admirable feature includes control lights, thermostats, lock doors, and much more with just your voice.

Plus, Alexa also works as an intercom to keep your family sync, no doubt it is Amazon, the developers are constantly adding new Alexa skills to make Echo smarter and smooth. It is available in three different colors: Charcoal, Heather Gray and Sandstone.

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#3. Google Home Max: A compact Premium Wifi Speaker

Google Home Max Best HomePod Alternative

Google – Home Max

Google Home Max, the name should be enough for you to buy this smart speaker. Though, you may not have seen the name of Google Home in the first position, in the list of best smart speakers for Music, or Home. However, when compared to Google Home with Amazon Alexa or HomePod, Google Home lags certain features, and another reason is, there are more haters of Google Assistant than Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

Undoubtedly, Google has improved its smart speakers and therefore we have included Google Home Max in the queue of best HomePod alternatives in 2020. Rock your home with high-fidelity music and crystal clear highs with two tweeters.

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#4. Libratone Zipp 2 Portable Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Libratone Zipp best cheap smart speaker

Libratone Zipp

The wireless design makes the Libratone Zipp 2, convenient to carry anywhere anytime. Worrying about charging, every now? Libratone has you covered with 12 Hours of music with just a single charge, it allows you pair at most 10 devices at a time, so there are no issues of the connection while playing a song from different devices. Love old fashioned radio? Then with Libratone, set the radio stations and play any time.

If we talk about, voice assistants, you can have Amazon Alexa to take help you with Spotify, Uber, Kindle book, ESPN, and other apps. Besides, it can also handle your smart lights, door locks, sensors, thermostats, and other devices on the go.

Libratone is available on Amazon

#5. Bose Home Speaker 500: Get wireless audio via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose Home Speaker 500

You may have an interest in Bose Home Speaker but keep note that it costs more than any other speaker, but you don’t have to look at the quality and sounding of Bose Home Speaker 500. In addition, you’ll get AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support to stream wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device or directly from Google. The enhanced, sound system with smart assistants like Google and Alexa makes this speaker unique from others.

Bose has its own Music app with several handy controls to manage your playlist and songs. Just like another speaker, Bose also comes with integrated music services like Spotify to play directly by asking Alexa or Google Assistant.

Check Bose Home Speaker 500 on Amazon

#6. Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST: The loudest Smart speaker

Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears

This is the loudest smart speaker and measuring a maximum of 93dB, 40 percent louder than the MegaboomUltimate. Ears is a decent alternative to HomePod that you could consider in 2020. If you don’t have more budget but still want a smart speaker look at this piece. The UE sounds great, but you may find a lack of features when compared to Bose, Amazon Echo, and Google Home; overall, the Ultimate Ears have a booming sound system to tune with your room.

The speaker is travel-friendly and IP67 rated, take anywhere whether it is a picnic or weekend celebration, in every weather, the UE speaker is the perfect choice for your tours.  It is available in eye-catching six color options to choose from.

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#7. Sony: Get Nice sound from a compact Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Sony Google Assistant Speaker


Sony has a compact design that can easily fit inside the bag to carry around the town. You can play music wirelessly even at the distance up to 30’, moreover, it is packed with all the latest technology including NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more. Looking at this size, Sony has added one more possible reason to buy this smart speaker for outdoor use, that, it is IPX3- rated splashproof design to resist water.

From a two-way facing speaker, bass reflex duct, two-stage diffuser, and rich audio system, you have a full-proof speaker to organize small-parties in your house.

Sony Smart Speaker is Available at Best Buy

#8. JBL FLIP 4: A voice-activated speaker with Wi-Fi and BluetoothJBL FLIP 4

JBL is known for its immersive audio system; plus, now that Google Assistant is integrated into JBL, why not read the review of JBL FLIP 4to find the best alternative to HomePod in 2020. Whether it is Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or any bluetooth enabled device, JBL won’t upset you. With the finest audio results, if you want to group the speaker with inbuilt Chromecast and play the same songs in every room, yes it is possible.

The JBL FLIP 4 is available on Amazon at $80, to buy right now. Meet the precise crystal clear sound, highs, and lows with this smart speaker.

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#9. Amazon’s Echo show – A New Generation HomePod Alternatives

1 Echo Show

Introducing the Echo with some new updated features and now it is Echo Show with the added display. The echo show comes with 7” touchscreen display with the 5MP camera to explore things in a better way. The Alexa app comfortably works with iOS, Fire OS, and Android devices. The modernize features touch screen display through which video calling is possible, you can operate cameras, explore videos on youtube, see photos, watch lyrics and many more things you can do with the display. 

You can ask Alexa to view the front door and keep an eye on your children in a room with compatible cameras from Ring and Arlo. Stream your favorite music over the web or on Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, etc. with lyrics by just asking Alexa. With great eight microphones, Alexa can sense your voice even from a far distance or while playing music. With receivers, it has incredible Dolby speakers that can fill the room with 3D crystal clear sound. Enjoy seamless video and voice calling with your friends who have an echo, echo dot or echo show with the latest noise cancellation technology. 

Control electric devices like fans, lights, thermostats with Philips Hue, WeMo and many other compatible devices. Make shopping lists, set reminders, ask about the weather, day planning, and many other things you can do over the Echo show. Always be updated by watching the news on CNN and another channel on echo display with an HD screen.

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#10. Smart Speaker by Sonos is #1 HomePod alternatives

1 Sonos Smartspeaker as homepod alternatives

Among all the smart speakers available in the market, Sonos One has its own position. None of the brands is offering such a smart speaker at $200 except Sonos. In spite of this, you will get built-in Amazon Alexa to control music with your voice. Also, you can check the news, control your smart appliances, play songs and such activities with Alexa’s skills. Stream music on Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn, and more online stations directly can be controlled with the Sonos App. Fill every room of your home with surprisingly rich music or also you can connect Sonos Home theatre and play music.

The phenomenal difference between Sonos One and Homepod is its assistant integration. Sonos One is operating on Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant while Homepod is working with Siri. If you are a fan of Apple’s product and have all the products then Homepod is the best speaker for you because it will give you a wide range of compatibility. Whereas if you are searching for a budget smart speaker then Sonos One is likely to be made for you.

Order On Amazon – $199.00

#11. Apple’s HomePod

2 Homepod for apple

Apple’s HomePod will be the next fantastic innovation to date. HomePod is a smart Siri speaker who works as a virtual assistant by providing and fulfilling the needs of the user. HomePod is a device that is round with small compact size and crafted using authentic mesh fabric to enhance the distinctive characteristics of music. HomePod integrates with Siri and allows you to access everything within seconds. 

Ask Siri to play your favorite music album or genre, within seconds it will access a vast archive of music, and you will get the song instantly. Apple Music helps to search over a million songs and make your playlist quickly to enjoy uninterruptedly. 

The speaker is functionalized with an array of seven tweeters and six microphones to sense your voice from anywhere and to give 3D surrounding distortion-free sound even at high volume. Apple HomePod is much focused on sound quality and accuracy of Siri, compare to Google Home, and Amazon Echo.

The HomePod is specialized and controlled with A8 chip for better and powerful speakers. Siri integration of HomePod will make your home a better smart home with its great features. Like if you want to call someone just ask Siri to Call, to on/off the fans or lights, to search for anything on Google, etc.

As soon as Siri senses your voice, a small multi-colored waveform will appear on the top of the speaker it indicates Siri is listening to your command. If you have one or more HomePod at your home, they will automatically detect them through Airplay 2 and continue playing music with even more good quality.

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#12. Amazon Echo Alexa- HomePod Alternative

3 Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo is an incredible device specially designed for home purposes. It comes with high features to reduce human efforts using artificial intelligence. Amazon Echo is cylindrical consumes less space and created of durable material with two color options. Alexa is an operating voice that ensures all your orders to be fulfilled. 

An echo is an advanced gadget that can be connected to smart electronic devices like a fan, tube light, garage doors, etc. and control by your voice even when you are far from Echo. To operate such devices you just have to say, “Alexa, on the fan.” Alexa can also play songs from different sources like Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora and much more using your voice rather than these you can ask to change the song or album. 

The echo is also useful for hands-free calling or messaging to your friends or family with your voice. It contains a 360-degree surrounding audio speaker that will give you immersive sound. Echo is much sensitive to voice recognization that it can sense your voice from long distance even while playing music at loud volume. 

You can ask Alexa about the weather, news, audiobooks, traffic report and much more. Alexa is also capable of setting the alarm, setting a reminder, creating shopping, booking an Uber ride, order food from Dominos through your voice just sitting at home.

Amazon Echo Without Screen

#13. GOOGLE HOME – Apple’s HomePod alternatives

4 Googlehome best Homepod alternatives

Make your home smarter and advance using Google home it works as hands, free assistant. With its elegant design, shape and seven amazing colors make your home stylish. The Google Home can be more personalized using different voices; it can distinguish and recognize your voice and will tell you about your day planning and many more things. 

The feature of hands-free calling will be updating soon so to improve calling and messaging features. Watch videos on TV, play music on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and more just asking Google home with blasting speaker and excellent bass. You have more Google home devices the Multi-room capability of Google will let you enjoy the same song in every room by grouping together.

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With such advanced features, you don’t have to make many efforts to do anything and receive results quickly from Google home. Ask Google and get answers rapidly to word meaning from dictionary, recipes, translation, news, Podcast, set the alarm and so many things you can do by using your voice.

Google Home

#14. Best Smart Sound Bar You Can Buy As HomePod Alternative – YamahaBest Smart Sound Bar You Can Buy As HomePod Alternative – Yamaha

The Yamaha Sound Bar is an ultimate option to transform the normal room into the theatre just set up the minimal soundbar next to the TV, and enjoy the games, movies, TV Shows, anything on the large screen enriched with crystal clear sound. In addition, the soundbar has its own app to remotely control the musical aspects right from the phone. Alexa’s built-in assistant lets you control the sound system by voice, will answer your questions, set alarms, controlling the smart home appliances, and more.

Compared to HomePod, it provides better sound quality, as it comes with dedicated sound machines to boost up the music and fill the room with rhythm. Easy to set up the subwoofer and main woofer, use the HDMI cable or optical cable for the connection.

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The list will be added more as the new system comes to the market.

I hope you get enjoyed with new best HomePod alternatives that defend with Apple’s speaker from Features, Quality, and Experience for everyone with smart gadgets like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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