How to Open Two Safari Windows in Split Screen on the iPad

Assume the situation when you want to go through two different websites in Safari simultaneously then this unusual feature of iOS 11 will help you out. All you need to do is make sure that your iPad is running the latest iOS 15. Quickly view two web pages side by side and merge all the tab automatically in portrait mode automatically.

The disadvantage of the split view is that you can’t change the ratio of web pages, it will automatically divide into two equal half, but it is not a big deal. It will work like you are using two distinct apps simultaneously; here instead of two different apps, it works on the same app “Safari” with the splitting of the window into two.

Useful: Split Screen not working on iPad

To get instantly preview the web page to a high mode, turn your iPad into vertical mode. And revert set it on landscape mode, safari windows automatically set into side by side.

How to put two Safari windows side by side iPad

1: at first it is necessary that iPad should be on landscape view

2: launch safari and open webpage. Long press on tab or link that you open in Split view.

2 Open Safari page in Split Screen on Safari iPad in iOS 11

See, “Open in Split View” and Tap on it.

Get more tips, according to your requirement follow the below procedure

All you have to do is tap and hold on that link and then click “open in split view.”

Open new Tab/ Blank page or URL in split view

You are in split view safari more, Tap on Tab button from the bottom corner of safari window.

4 Safari tab button on Safari split screen in iOS 11

Multitasking tab screen, Tap on “+” icon.

5 Open Recently Closed Tab on Safari iPad split screen

Tap and hold on the page and then click on the split picture. And tap on “Open in New Tab.”

3 Move Safari Tab from one Window to another on iPad

Click on the link using two fingers from one Safari Screen to another.

Re-Open, Recently Closed Tab in Safari split screen

A single tap on Tabs button at the bottom corner of the screen. Next, Tap and Hold on “+” icon, and tap on website link under Recently closed Tabs pop-up.

5 Open Recently Closed Tab on Safari iPad split screen

Move tabs among window

You can drag the tab on the right or left the side of the window without any data loss.

6 Move Tab between Safari split screen on iPad

To merge all the tabs

For exiting the split view, tap on tab button on iPad corner.

1 Merge All tab in Safari Split screen in iOS 11 on iPad

And then click on “merge all tabs,” or you can also click on the cross symbol for closing the tabs individually.

Brilliant Feature

The wise feature of this update in new iOS is, when you close safari or force close that application and again you launch Safari, it will open with your previous Tabs as it is.

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