Best Pet Care Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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Having a pet is a dream of several individuals. Unfortunately, they can’t fulfill this dream because of their incapability to look after them. If you aspire to feel the warmth of unconditional love, you should spend time with a pet. As a pet owner, you must have enough tools and resources to look after it. For iPad, and iPhone users, several apps are available to effectively and easily care for pets. 

These apps contain comprehensive features ranging from finding a reliable veterinarian to effectively tracking a pet’s exercise. You will get all kinds of reminders related to your pet’s treatment as well as get care guide on your iOS devices. Although you may have a hectic schedule, these apps streamline the tasks of looking after your pet. Besides, they ensure exceptional security for your pet by providing timely alerts. The following article will acquaint you with the details of some of the Best Pet Care Apps for iPhone.

1. Rover

Rover Pet Care iPhone Apps

The Dog People developed the best dog care app on this list. The Rover Dog Watcher app is well-known for providing photo updates that ensure your pet’s security. It is considered a reliable dog-sitting app rover because it supports GPS tracking of your pet’s walk and lets you easily message sitters. The app provides a secure method to book appointments and pay.

This app makes it easy to contact and message the dog sitter directly from the best app for dog sitting. While you are on the go, you will receive messages from sitters. You will obtain a map of your pet’s walk, food/water alters, and pee/poo. Moreover, you get a customized note from your dog walker or sitter.


  • Supports bug fixes
  • Secure and easy payments
  • Offers personalized notes for pet care
  • Efficient GPS tracking
  • Quick response with push notifications


  • Constant GPS use can decrease battery life

2. Wag!

Wag Pet Care iPhone Apps

Wag is one of the best pet apps for iPhone since it lets you conveniently book pet care nearby. The app lets you browse through daily walks, plan a trip, and find the best pet companion. The scheduled and on-demand dog walks are curated per your and your pet’s needs.

It works as a dog boarding app that lets you arrange for boarding and sitting care in a Pet Caregiver’s place or your home. iPhone’s best dog training app because it offers personalized domestic and digital dog training sessions. Hence, you can perfectly train your puppies and adult dogs. The support for reliable veterinary consultations makes it one of the best pet apps for iPhone


  • Easily imparts basic pet commands
  • Scheduled dog walks supported
  • Allows tracking dog’s walk in real-time
  • Live chat with veterinary professionals
  • Supports personalized digital dog training sessions


  • It takes some time to get used to

3. Chewy

Chewy Pet Care iPhone and iPad Apps

Chewy is prestigious in the market since it supports 2,000+ reliable brands of food and supplies. It also provides 24/7 help from pet experts. You can modify your Autoship delivery to suit your schedule if you want dog food sooner. The process doesn’t involve any commitments or fees. 

You can easily search or buy by category based on your pet’s preferred brands. You can also discover new brands according to your pet’s needs. The app lets you easily send companion items you like to pet lovers. While shopping this can be done through email, texting, and social media posts. From the app itself, you can read the opinions of other customers about your products and write your reviews. Moreover, you can search for the best savings of the day on pets’ essentials.

4. PetDesk

PetDesk Pet Care iPhone and iPad Apps

Regarding ensuring pets’ longevity, happiness, and health, PetDesk can be one of the best dog apps for iPhone. It prioritizes your pet’s health requirements by connecting you with the finest and most reliable pet care professionals. The 24/7 appointment request tool support makes it one of the best puppy apps for iPhone. You can consult with your preferred pet care providers with a few taps.

The app lets you sync reminders to ensure you never miss any aspects of your pet’s care. The reminders will inform you about your pet’s health routine, medications, and other advice. Moreover, you can incorporate custom to-do tasks into your calendar. It is straightforward to request pet medication refills.


  • Supports regular bug fixes
  • Easy process of appointment scheduling
  • Efficient syncing of reminders
  • Easy to navigate its interface
  • Allows setting medication requests easily


  • It needs some coding help

5. Airvet

Airvet Pet Care iPhone Apps

Airvet is one of the most reliable pet care apps for expert pet care and support. To achieve this, it works with enterprise partners and employers. It is a feature-rich dog-minding app that provides recommendations on your pet’s nutrition and diet. So, with a tap, you can have peace of mind regarding your pet’s health.

The 24/7 chat support with pet experts suggests it is one of the best dog care apps. You can have virtual consultations with vets to ensure your pet’s best health and care. Although Airvet vets couldn’t always prescribe medication owing to state-based limitations, the app could always answer queries and provide expert recommendations and advice from a certified veterinarian.


  • No bugs in the app
  • Immediately connects with vet
  • The quick response to emergency features
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Infinite virtual visits with pets


  • May not several various pet breeds

6. Puppr

Puppr Pet Care iPhone Apps

Puppr is one of the finest dog apps for free and is well-known as your dog trainer. It contains detailed video instructions that impart dog basics like “sit” and “stay.” Also, it imparts advanced tricks that thoroughly train your dogs. It is the best dog-sitting app for both beginner and experienced dog owners.

Puppr Masterclasses offer detailed guidance on aspects like leash training from certified experts. You can live chat with top-notch trainers to resolve your training-related queries. The built-in clicker simplifies dog training on the go. Photo challenges are included to depict all the tricks that your pup has learned. Besides, Puppr Shop has top-quality product recommendations by Sara and the team to simplify the training process.


  • Supports multiple dogs
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • Easy tracking of the pup’s training progress
  • Learning from expert pet trainers


  • It needs much scrolling for the desired breed

7. DogSnap

DogSnap Pet Care iPhone Apps

This puppy care app lets you recognize dog breeds by just capturing pictures. It comes with smart analyzers and a comprehensive dog knowledge base that improves your knowledge of dogs. A touch of a button helps you to translate the language of humans or dogs and speak to your dog. Hence, it is one of the top dog-sitting apps for mitigating the language barrier.

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DogSnap can detect over 600 types of dogs. You can know their lineage’s composition. Furthermore, you can recognize each breed’s movement, temperament, and physical traits. Dog Emotion Recognizer is included to know your dog’s emotions and moods. Capture a photo to know its emotions. Besides, you can participate in a challenge that involves sharing the video with your dog.


  • Comprehensive dog-related knowledge
  • Finds perfect match for pet
  • Imparts dog-related training skills
  • Understand each breed’s personality
  • Indicates best and worst food for pets


  • Limited live chat functionality 

8. Whistle

Whistle Pet Care iPhone Apps

Whistle offers the best pet care from Whistle smart devices. This dog-sitting service app supports Whistle Fit, Whistle Switch, Whistle GO Explore, and Whistle Health. Your pet can’t inform you how they feel or where they are. So, the app has created a smart device that lets you easily track and supervise your pet’s fitness, GPS location, and more.

You will benefit from valuable insights that are personalized to your pet. Hence, you can make informed, intelligent decisions. The compatible Whistle smart device tracks the pet’s activities like licking, scratching, eating, drinking, sleeping, and the whole Wellness Score. With the “Customizable Safe Places” feature, the app lets you set boundaries for your pet’s secure locations.


  • Customized fitness goals
  • Quickly notifies during pet’s abnormal health
  • Excellent security with Escape Alerts
  • Constant GPS location tracking
  • Easy consultation with a vet


  • Difficulty updating locations in Wi-Fi zone

9. Great Pet Care

Great Pet Care Pet Care iPhone and iPad Apps
Great Pet Care

This puppy sitter app lets you connect your pet’s caretaker network with a central information source. You can access feeding instructions, medical records, reminders, and adorable photos. Ascertain that all of your pet’s favorite people are in the loop. You can easily manage medical reports of your pet in a single place and share them with others. Recalls Center provides you with recall alerts to keep you informed about your pet’s health.

Once you upload your pet’s profile, you will receive promotional offers, birthday surprises, and more. You can get verified medical reports from your vet by following easy steps. Navigate to your pet’s page, click “records,” choose your vet, and sign your request. You can easily access all functionalities due to the app’s clean interface.


  • Optimized onboarding experience
  • Clean and user-friendly layout
  • Easily finds a local veterinarian
  • Maintains a timeline of your pets’ weight 
  • Easy health tracking with recurrent reminders


  • Some functionality was removed in the recent version.          

With any of these apps, all the tasks associated with pet care become extremely straightforward. Pet feeding, cleaning, health checkups, etc., are all fundamental tasks a pet owner must do. Fortunately, with any of these pet care apps, you can ensure the best health and care for your pet without any hassles. Many apps provide personalized care for your pet based on age, breed, eating pattern, etc. Besides, all these apps instantly connect you with a reliable veterinarian so that you can always ensure your pet’s good health. The ability to provide instant alerts and quick response ensures thorough security of your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-1. What is a pet care app?

A pet app is an application that assists pet owners with different facets of caring for their pets, including health, training, etc. The app to care for dogs includes various aspects ranging from pet training schedules to personalized healthcare advice. It helps owners access all crucial information about pets, track essential data, and perform daily pet care-related tasks. Some prevalent features in most pet care apps are pet profiles, health tracking, feeding and nutrition, exercise and activity monitoring, grooming and maintenance, training and behavior, and social and community features. You can also access features like emergency information, pet first aid, pet supply shopping, pet locator and tracking, and reminders and notifications.

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Q-2. Which is the best mobile app for pets?

Puppr is considered the best app for dog care. It imparts basic tricks for pet care and includes comprehensive training that helps you ensure the best health for your pet. It provides you with tutorials for each trick that you can teach to your pet. Select from a broad list of lessons after opening the application. Ranging from easy “sit” to complex tricks like “skateboard,” the app has various lessons to train your pet best.

Q-3. What are the benefits of the pet care app?

Pet care apps provide various benefits for both bet pets and pet owners. A pet care app primarily offers a centralized platform for handling different facets of pet care, including scheduling appointments, setting medication reminders, health tracking, and more. It provides customized recommendations for your pet’s age and health. Moreover, activity tracking assists pet owners in monitoring their pet’s exercise levels accurately. So, it ensures that your pet acquires adequate physical activity. Moreover, these apps store medical records, emergency contact information, and instructions for easy accessibility to pet-related emergencies.

Q-4. Why do we need a pet care app?

Pet care apps offer many benefits and address different pet owners’ challenges. So, these apps are worthy tools for any responsible pet owner. Usually, pet care involves different tasks, like administering medications, booking veterinary appointments, supervising feeding and exercise regimes, and tracking vaccinations. A pet app, which may be a find-a-dog sitter, keeps you organized and ascertains that you can attend to significant pet care-related tasks. With the help of The Take Care of Dogs app and other relevant pet apps, you can track your pet’s medications, health records, nutritional guidance, and appointments. Moreover, it provides reliable learning resources and accurate remote monitoring. The emergency preparedness functionality ensures the thorough security of your pet.

Q-5. How does a pet app work?

Working a pet care app involves offering a user-friendly digital platform that lets pet owners easily handle different aspects of their pet’s health and care. The precise workings of a pet app may differ based on its functionalities and features. But all pet apps involve downloading and installing the app from your device’s app store. Next, you must register, create a profile, navigate the dashboard, track activity, access nutritional guidance, and track health and medical records. Some pet care apps provide training resources, guides, and tutorials. A pet care app will let you access emergency contact details and related medical instructions during emergencies. Moreover, the app also provides regular updates to include the recently launched features.

Q-6. What is the objective of pet apps?

The key objective of pet apps is to benefit pet owners with a straightforward and all-inclusive digital solution to handle and improve aspects related to pet health and care. These apps restructure pet ownership by providing all necessary resources and tools. These tools and resources help pet owners stay organized, supervise health, track activity, provide personalized care, show useful educational content about pet health, and undergo remote monitoring to determine their pets’ well-being. Another major objective of pet apps is to decrease the stress of pet owners by sending notifications and reminders for tasks like medications and appointments.

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