10 Best iPhone Apps for Pets Lover in 2023 to Treat, Care & Find

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Despite more inclination towards a workaholic lifestyle, around 90.5 million families in the USA own a pet. The study also shows that having a pet can improve your physical and mental health greatly. There are smart wearable devices & mobile apps that make you aware to take care of yourself, but not your pets.

Having a pet is much like having a child who needs great parenting from you. You need to take care of their emotional and physical health too. Therefore, we have listed the best iPhone Apps for Pets Lover, which will help them to treat & take extensive care of their pets. The list also has apps that help you find the best pet companion.

Following is the list of top iPhone apps that will help you adopt, take care & train pets:

1: Chewy: Where Pet Lovers Shop

As the name suggests, it’s a one-stop shopping solution where you can find pet food, medicines & related supplies. Chewy crowns at the Appstore market with 4.9 stars from more than 321K customers. With more than 2000+ brands of products, it serves to be the amazon of pet pharmacy and diet products. Most pharmacies approved drugs can be found on this app, and they also deliver free across the USA. You can submit the veterinary prescription and get it delivered to you no matter what types of pets you have. Chewy offers products at competitive pricing and has many offers along the way. Download and explore to find the best & genuine product for your pet.

2: Petfinder Adopt a Pet

Our second runner-up in this list is from one of the most trustworthy brands, Nestle & it is awarded as the best app to find puppies. Petfinder is a portal that helps you adopt a pet of your preference. It receives monthly traffic of over 15M, making it the most reliable pet adoption app. Here you can get many other pets apart from dogs and cats. It is chained with multiple adoptions and foster organizations across the USA to help the poor animal get a comfy home and loveable parents. The app is featured with Petfinder search by breed functionality to narrow down the pets for sale search that suits you the most.

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3: Puppr Dog Training & Tricks:

Dog whisperers and trainers are quite expensive to hire. Though installing Puppr and getting its subscription is super easy and comparatively cheaper. You can leverage the Puppr app for training your dog by yourself with easy step-by-step lessons that will be liked by your furry buddy too. Puppr works for training all kinds of breeds, and extra precautions are very well guided by the professionals to never stress out your dog or the owner. The course structure is simple and easy to understand for newbies and experienced owners. You also get round-the-clock support if things are not going as they should be.

Have a joyful time learning “how to pet a dog” with Puppr 👍.

4: Pet First Aid:

Pet First Aid is a must-have app for cat and dog owners. It helps you learn more about your pet’s health and diagnosis. The American Red Cross organization develops the app to spread awareness about preliminary action you can take during pet health emergencies. During emergencies, pets can’t speak for themselves, so instead of Googling “pet care near me,” this app proves to be more accurate and handier. During a worse situation, it gets you to the nearest pet hospital and can also connect you to a veterinary expert. Manage periodical health checkups for your dog or cat and never miss an appointment with this iPhone App.

5: Whistle: Smart Pet Tracker

We have managed to design smart wearables for our pets with disruptions in health technologies. Whistle has designed iPhone Apps & smart wearables like Fit™, Explore™, Switch™ & Health™. This helps to geo-fence your pets, monitor their current health, and track your pets’ fitness. The app notifies you if your pet leaves a predefined area, has health issues, disturbed sleep cycles, and unusual behavior. You need to get a Whistle wearable device and pair it with your iPhone app. The GPS-enabled device is great for urban areas through which you can overcome your fear of losing your beloved pet.

6: Dog Scanner

The Dog Scanner app helps you scan a dog with your phone camera and let you know what breed it belongs to. It is just like a Pokémon dictionary. Every specific breed has its characteristics, preferences & talents. The app helps you to identify and approach accordingly. It also solves the breeding problem for dog owners and will help identify the best match. Also, dog enthusiasts can help build this dictionary by covering new breeds and uploading valuable data for the respective breeds.

7: GoodPup: Dog Training at Home

This is the second dog training app with 4.8-star ratings on the app store from more than 8K users. Train any age group dog to learn basic things like pooping to advance commands where you can get control of your dog and make it safe for the public environment. The app allows you to have a certified trainer who will guide you through the process and assist you via video calls. It features hassle-free subscriptions which are easy on your pockets and make a worthy solution for your pet and your household environment. Train your dog to behave like a gentleman with the GoodPup app for iOS.

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8: Airvet: Vet On Demand

Airvet is helping pet owners get certified veterinarians on their phones anywhere and anytime. Get an ultra-fast online vet during a situation with your pet. You don’t need to make a prior appointment for this and can have a first medical approach before things get any worse. Airvet is a telehealth iPhone application that is serviceable throughout the USA and available 24 X 7. It works alongside animal helplines and medical centers that will provide you best medic services in emergencies and abnormal pet behavior situations. This on-demand support will cost you around $19.99 per month, which is expensive but worth it when your pet is in trouble.

9: Pawprint Pet Health Tracker

Pawprint is a dedicated ecosystem for including all the concerned persons regarding your pet. You can include caretakers, pet walkers & veterinarians. The app will manage your pets all the prescriptions, past medical history records, meal reminders, workout instructions, and much more. When all concerned personnel are in a loop, it can act as a central platform for monitoring all the things going on with your pet. You can even track your pet’s health condition, weight, vaccination dosage, nearby vets, and pet consultants. Pawprint is of great use when having multiple pets at home, and you are seeking a centralized solution for the same.

10: Pet Monitor VIGI

This unique iPhone app offering from VIGI Limited will be used to keep a watch on your pet while you are away. All you have to do is leave your old iPhone or iPad at home, and it will act as a camera. With Pet Monitor VIGI, you can remotely access the iPhone and observe what your pet is doing. It will also notify if the per is agitated, and you can video call to soothe up the situation. Regular activities can be monitored and tracked for behavioral analysis with a motion sensor. The app tends to be super friendly for new users, and with a one-time purchase, you can access it on all kinds of devices and if you have an iOS environment, it gives the privilege to include up to 6 family members.

Following are some frequently answered questions:

Which app is best for pets?

Chewy can be considered the best app for all kinds of pets and their needs. Be it medicines, supplements, or food that you can get in 1 to 3 days. The app also provides 24 X 7 support for pet emergencies.

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Which app is the best for dogs?

Puppr is the finest app you can find on the apple store that helps to train your dog. It also provides extensive support on video calls and proper step-by-step guidance.

Is there an app for pets?

Modern apps are not just limited to cats and dogs only but all animals that can be your pet. Yes, there are plenty of applications for pets on iOS & Android. These apps monitor pet health, train them, get emergency support and keep a watch while you are away. With these apps, the life expectancy of pet animals can be considerably more.

Which app is best for an online pet shop?

With 2000+ brands, Chewy is the best platform to shop for your pet needs. You can buy supplements, medicines, and much more pet-related needs.

Is every dog app free?

No, not every dog app is free. Many popular apps offer a free trial period that you can cancel anytime. Some come with monthly and yearly subscription charges. Read the pricing section of each app to get more details.

Is there an app for puppies?

Yes, indeed, Puppr is an iPhone app designed to train your puppies to perform basic tasks and gradually improve as they grow up.

How much does GoodPup cost?

There are weekly recursive charges for GoodPup, and it costs $29.99 per week. There are around 201 dog training sessions that will cost you about $400 for 14 weeks straight.

Can dogs have an apple?

Being rich in vitamin A and C, apples can be a good part of your dog’s dietary chart. In addition, it provides a good amount of fiber which helps in oral & digestive health improvement.

Is the Dogo app free?

The basic version is freely available, but you have to pay $9.99 per month for their premium features.

What is BarkBuddy?

BarkBuddy is a dog adoption app where you can find a furry friend that you love to cuddle and play with. It helps you find pets that are listed closely to your proximity.

Is the GoodPup app free?

On Appstore, it is listed as free, but there are premium packages also, which start from $29.99/week.

Who does my dog look like in an app?

This application is targeted toward identifying the dog breed through a mobile phone camera. The algorithm identifies the best match and provides breed details to the user.

What is my dog app?

This is a pet dog simulator game where you can have a virtual dogo. You can feed, train and play with your furry friend. It hosts more than 60 breeds of dogs to choose from. This is an interesting game to educate and spread awareness regarding dog upbringing and caretaking.

Is there an app to watch your dog?

Pet Monitor VIGI is a dedicated application available on the apple store that you can leverage to monitor, video call, and soothe your pet remotely. It also has a motion-sensing algorithm that senses the uneasiness of your pet and notifies you in real-time.

Is GoodPup app free?

The GoodPup can be used freely with basic features, but you need to upgrade to a weekly subscription if you want to use their premium features. Thus, GoodPup cannot be stated as a free app.

How do you train a puppy for a free app?

Dogs are smart and can grasp at a young age. You can provide no cost-free basic training with applications like Puppr. With step-by-step weekly planned training sessions, it gets very easy to make the puppy learn early. Training sessions are designed so that it is easy for the trainer and trainee without any stress.

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