2024 Best USB Wi-Fi Adapter for MacBook, Mac: Fix Wi-Fi Hardware Issue

Alternate Solution for your MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air, WiFi Not Working Becuase of Hardware issues. Use All MacOS Compatible Wi-FI Adapter.

I’ve seen most of the people facing issues with Wi-Fi not working and Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting over and over again, even after trying dozens of troubleshooting, they can’t get rid of it. Thankfully, we have one of the best alternatives, Long Range USB Wi-Fi Adapter for Mac and MacBook, believe me, once you invest $15 to $20, it’ll be worth a lot. From 2.4GHz to 5GHz to dual-band, the wireless adapter will boost your speed to the next level.

Meanwhile, don’t think twice if you are struggling while streaming videos or playing games over Mac or PC, the following Wi-Fi dongle have you covered. Besides, not all the Wi-Fi adapter requires any extra driver or anything to work.

Recommcnded for USB C Macbook, iMac


Important: USB-C Port on MacBook users can use this USB-C to USB Converter. Connect Below USB WiFi Adapter to your Mac directly, Installed USB Driver for Mac that comes with the purchase in CD. if you are looking for Extend WiFi coverage for all devices then install WiFi Range Extender in your House and office. Below Best USB WiFi Adapter will help with your MacBook, Mac, or PC’s WiFi Network Card hardware issues or Unable to catch the Network around you.

Best Wireless Network Adapter for Mac, MacBook

Now you don’t have to worry about internet connection issues or speed problems on Mac, TP-Link Wi-Fi adapter boosts the Wi-Fi speeds up to 150Mbps so that you can stream videos, play games, and video calls without lagging or freezing. A tiny adapter can really eliminate the tangling wires lurking around your legs and PC or want to carry the laptop to the living room but without disconnecting it from an internet connection, at that time Wi-Fi adapter is useful.

It provides a stronger Wi-Fi connection of 2.4GHz, which is design to plug and play; however, some PC or Laptop may need to install a driver to run the Wi-Fi adapter, for that, you might want to open the official site and follow the stepwise guide as per Operating System.

Check TP-Link USB Wi-Fi Adapter Price on Amazon

#2. USBNOVEL Dual-Band Wi-Fi Adapter

USBNOVEL Dual Band Wi-Fi Adapter

Unlike the TP-Link Wi-Fi Adapter, you will get much more from USBNOVEL. The very first thing to be noted is the dual Wi-Fi band, 2.4GHz and 5GHz for high data transfer rates for uninterrupted HD video streaming and faster speed. Plus, the Wi-Fi adapter works on plug and play environment, not a single driver or CD will need to use this adapter on a PC or even on Laptop.

Merely plug the USB Wi-Fi adapter and start using a high-speed internet connection over your desktop. If you are fed up or not satisfied with the product, contact the support team with your exact issue.

#3. Cudy Wi-Fi USB Adapter for PC, Mac

Cudy Wi-Fi USB Adapter for PC, Mac

To get the maximum out of the Wi-Fi adapter, check the Cudy Dual Band Adapter. The Cudy adapter offers up to 867Mbps speed when used with a 5GHz band and around 400Mbps while using at 2.4GHz. While concerning the connectivity, a usual USB 3.0 connector works on every PC, Mac, and Laptop, without any hiccup.

If you want to set up or need to plug on different Macs or PCs again and again, but fear to follow the long-hefty process, it’s only a one-time process, a CD will be packed with a complete installation guide and require drives, and install it on your computer. I assure you this tiny-sized adapter won’t add additional bulk to Mac.

The TP-Link Wireless Network Adapter fits perfectly on your Mac, however, I’d recommend this USB adapter only if you are a steady person. Compare to any other USB Wi-Fi adapter, it is quite big but easy to use. Its 300Mbps 802.11n and 867 Mbps connection guarantees a greater speed over any Wi-Fi connection.

Apart from speed, it’ll provide reliable protection and connection while connecting to PC and Mac, forget dropped calls, or signal loss while conferring with colleagues. Get this Wi-Fi Dongle for Mac at $20.

#5. EDUP Wi-Fi Adapter for Gaming

EDUP Wi-Fi Adapter for Gaming

EDUP is well known for providing fast, secure, and zero connection loss even after continuous usage all day. The Wi-Fi adapter delivers the same speed while using from 100 yards distance, so you can work remotely from any corner of the house without compromising the network connectivity. This AC1300 series works flawlessly with WLAN routers like WPA/WPA2/WEP and another advantage is it will not get affected by any nearby Bluetooth or telephone.

Firmly install the drive into your Mac and you are ready to plug and play. Get this high-speed wireless dongle for your Mac.

#6. Dual Antennas Wireless USB Adapter

Dual Antennas Wireless USB Adapter

Performance-wise, no other wireless adapter can beat this dual-antenna USB adapter for Mac. However, it doesn’t work on Linux, other than that you can plug and play over Windows and Mac without the need to install any additional driver. Use it with USB 3.0 and get the data rates up to 5GBPS to ensure stable internet connectivity and network connection.

Moreover, it allows you to create a hotspot using the soft AP to share the internet with mobile phones without compromising the speed. It comes with a 24-months warranty in case you need any assistance.

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