Block facebook friends on iPhone: known/ unknown [How to]

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Block facebook friends on iPhone from your account through facebook iPhone app, from here you will learn about blocking your added friends or before sent request to you. Block facebook friends is very useful and security option for you, One another security option is your friend’s friends only can set you a friend request. Not for all time block but you can do it for temporary or permanent by unblock him/her.

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This type of setting is blocking only people’s events, Groups, conversation, Friend request.

Requirements: Your Facebook app up-to-date with latest version of app. Here I tested on iPhone 6 running on iOS 8.4. If you have older version or later version then you can also Block facebook friends on iPhone app.

Steps for block facebook friends on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: iOS 8/ iOS 9

Step 1: Go to the facebook app and open it on your device.

Step 2: Then, Tap on more option from the bottom of screen.

Step 3: Next, Move down in your app screen, Tap on settings at last of screen. You will get popup menu with account settings option.Block facebook friends on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Step 4: under the setting, go with the blocking option for find/ search with name that’s you want to block.See all friends for block right now from iOS

Step 5: in search result you can see all people from the facebook. (Who are not in your account and added in your account). Now you can block each of friends manually by tap on block button in front of the name.

Note: Before block you can visit friends profile by tap on name.

Verify any finally block friend.Facenook friends unblock list

Step 6: Now it will be automatically added in block facebook friend list. Unblock is also easy by tap on unblock button.

If you didn’t find option for Block facebook friends on iPhone then share with us, Might be app update will be changed facebook app UI, Kindly touch with us for more tricks on facebook.

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