How to Add Flashlight to iPhone Home Screen (iOS 17)

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Your iPhone comes with a vast array of built-in settings and functions that can change the way you live life and use the device. With every new major update, Apple adds more than hundreds of hidden features that are never discussed on-stage, though discovered by the Apple geeks. For more details visit the comprehensive guide on iOS Privacy Features and iOS 15 Features. Concerning the iPhone Flashlight, many iPhone users raised queries such as how do I put the flashlight on my iPhone Home Screen? How to turn on flashlight quickly alongside, turn off the flashlight, and more.

Most folks are familiar with using the Flashlight from the Control Center, have you thought of adding the torch to the iPhone home screen? Wouldn’t it be great, if we can unlock the iPhone and in single-tap, the iPhone flashlight turn on?

Can I Add Flashlight to iPhone Home Screen?

To be honest, there is no straight way or say default settings that allow you to add a torch on the iPhone home screen unless you download the third-party application and bring it on the home screen.

However, if I talk about a few more ways to access the Flashlight:

  1. iPhone Lock Screen
  2. Control Center
  3. Using Siri
  4. Swipe Left the Lock Screen to Right (Only Applicable to Turn Off Torch) to get more in-depth you should read our post about 4 tips to turn off flashlights on iPhone and iPad Pro.

Furthermore, watch a video (how to turn off flashlight on iPhone) on our youtube channel howtoisolve and intro the new tricks.

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Share your thoughts on how far the iPhone Flashlight has been useful to you and can be used in the future. Besides, leave the question or query, we’ll definitely try to address and if feasible, will create a separate article on it to help our readers.

Video Show you 4 Tips to Turn Off flashlight on iPhone, iPad Pro

Wrapping up the article, I hope this article gave all the answers that you are looking for. Our team always keeps up the blog up to date by adding the latest tips, tricks, troubleshooting, walk-through, hands-on, and more.

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