How to Delete Apple Watch Backups from iPhone (2024)

It’s obvious to back up Your WatchOS Device frequentlyBut as time flies, the backup books lots of space, so it’s prudent to delete Apple Watch Backup if they are no longer helpful. And this one is the best way to prevent Apple Watch freezing and lagging due to low storage. 

So let’s jump into different ways to delete Apple Watch; from iPhone and iCloud. 

Clear Old Apple Watch Backups from iPhone

This article explains how to delete Apple Watch backup in easy ways. 

Though the backup of the Apple Watch isn’t as large as you assume. But it’s best to prevent the photos or music from hacking some storage. So let me show how you can quickly delete Apple Watch Data from iPhone settings. 

1→ Go to Settings. Search and select General. Hit iPhone Storage.


2→ From the array of lists, tap on Watch.

Do any of the mentioned following:

  • View And Delete Old Apple Watch Backups: Right in the Documents & Data section, you will back up multiple watches, swipe left to the right on any of the desired Watch from the list, and then hit Delete. Alternatively, you select Edit from the top right corner, tap on the Red Button next to the Watch, and then choose Delete > Done.
  • Delete All Apple Watch At Once: If you want to delete all the backups, Scroll down, and select Remove All Backups. Further gives confirmation, tap Remove Now. 

Bottom Line

It’s evident that Apple Watch backup does not consume lots of storage. Yet organizing will eventually help to prevent various odd situations within the Apple Watch. 

Where Are Apple Watch Backups Stored?

Note there is no manual way to create a backup of Apple Watch. Instead, the backup of Apple Watch will be automatically created on the paired iPhone. However, the Apple Watch backup is only created when the iPhone is backup – either to PC, Mac, or iCloud. 

Are Apple Watch Backups Stored In iCloud?

When back up your iPhone, your paired Apple Watch will automatically create. However, when you back up an iPhone on iCloud, you won’t see a separate backup of the Apple Watch. 

Does Resetting An Apple Watch Delete Everything?

Erasing all content and data means all media, data, and settings from the Apple Watch will be cleared out. Except for Activation Lock.

How Do I Know If My Apple Watch Data Is Backed Up?

To know if your Apple Watch is backed up or not, with watch unpaired, navigate to the Settings App on your iPhone. Choose General. Tap iPhone Storage. Select Watch from the list. In the next screen, scroll down to Document & Data menu. There you will see the recently created backup of Apple Watch. 

Does Apple Watch Have A Backup?

Yes, Apple Watch does have the backup; to see it, you need to go to Settings on the connected iPhone. Choose General > iPhone Storage. From the list, select Watch. Under Documents & Data, you will see Apple Watch Backup. 

Is Apple Watch Connected To iCloud?

For an Apple Watch you pair with your iPhone: If you enable iCloud for a feature or application on your iPhone, the information will be mirrored from application to aspect on the Apple watch. However, you decide what kind of information should appear on your Apple Watch by altering settings in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

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