4 Easy Ways To Change The Volume On Your AirPods Pro, AirPods 3/ AirPods 2

Having AirPods Pro is a blessing; it doesn’t matter. Whether connected to the iPhone 7 or iPhone 13 Pro Max, it will consistently deliver immersive sound quality and be more practical for us with every new update. In this tutorial line, I’ll be discussing various methods to change the volume on your AirPods Pro; However, they are the same for AirPods 2nd Generation and AirPods 3rd Generation; adjusting the sound on AirPods is common for all. If you’re new to the Apple ecosystem, it might take some time to fit in and learn the basics of the AirPods, iPhone, and other devices if you have.

For starters, we all know that AirPods don’t have any separate buttons to adjust the volume; therefore, when it comes to volume, you’ll need to go for the connected iPhone or any other device, to manage the volume or ask Siri. Apart from that, we have discovered a few convenient methods to change the volume on your AirPods Pro. So here’s how it can do?

How to Change the Volume of AirPods in 4 Different Ways: Shortcut Methods

Use Traditional Way to Change Volume

Change AirPods Volume Using iPhone side button
Change AirPods Volume Using iPhone side button

When AirPods Pro is paired and connected to the iPhone, the volume buttons of the iPhone can adjust the sound of AirPods Pro. It’s not fair to ask Siri while we are in the hospital or public transit or a meeting; in those circumstances, the Volume Marker on the iPhone is helpful to avoid embarrassment and change the volume on the AirPods Pro.

Take out the iPhone, and press the volume buttons to adjust the AirPods Pro volume from iPhone.

Use Control Center to Change AirPods Pro Volume

Change Airpods Volume from control center on iPhone or iPad
Change Airpods Volume from the control center on iPhone or iPad

Another alternative to change the AirPods volume is the control center. While using the iPhone, if you feel to adjust the volume, bring the Control Center on the screen and drag the slider up/down to manage the volume level of AirPods.

For iPhone X or later, or say iPhone with Face ID, has to pull down the Control Center from the top-right screen, while for other iPhone, swipe up the home screen from the bottom to access Control Center. The Volume and Brightness sliders are more enormous than any other control center feature to adjust iPhone’s sound and brightness levels quickly.

Ask Siri to Increase/Decrease AirPods Pro Volume

Change AirPods Volume by Siri command on iphone, iPad or Mac
Change AirPods Volume by Siri command on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Siri’s getting better and better every day; it can be used to control various aspects of the iPhone and iPad if the proper command is given. One of them is, changing the volume of AirPods Pro when paired and connected to the iPhone. Ensure the AirPods are connected to the iPhone before asking Siri to increase or decrease the volume; otherwise, the changes will apply to the iPhone.

> Hey Siri, Increase the Volume

Say, “Hey Siri, decrease the Volume,” this will do it. If Siri doesn’t respond, try to speak clearly and loud and avoid using Siri in crowded places.

Control Volume Levels Using Siri

You might have a thought that, to what extent will Siri increase or decrease the Volume of AirPods Pro, because you just said, “Hey Siri, decrease the Volume” but didn’t clarify, how much, isn’t it? But, on the other hand, when you ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what’s the current volume,” Siri will reply back with the volume in percentage.

Now you know the current volume level, so ask Siri to decrease the volume by 10%. Similarly, it applies if you want to increase the volume. Still, it will follow the optimal volume for you, like when we are at noisy, crowded places; the optimal volume for that moment will be different from the optimal volume when you’re sitting at home.

Change Volume of AirPods Using MacBook, Mac

Change AirPods Pro sound from Mac Control Center
Change AirPods Pro sound from Mac Control Center

Not all the time, our AirPods are connected to the iPhone; if you prefer to use the AirPods with the Mac to watch movies or play games, use the MacBook’ or Mac’s keyboard to adjust the volume. Plus, for the macOS Big Sur or later users, Control Center makes the task easier, just like iPhone, click on the Control Center icon on the upper-right corner, and change the Volume of AirPods from Mac.

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