Can You Disable the App Library iOS 17.3.1 on iPhone? (2024)

App Library is one of the greatest changes Apple has ever made to the iPhone Home Screen. Unlike iPhone users, Android users who just purchased iPhone for the first time, they’ll definitely appreciate the App Library Settings. We’ve seen App Drawer all over Android phones, it’s an amazing way to organize all the applications conveniently and comfortably in the way the user wants. Sadly, the App Library of iOS isn’t that useful for the folks who are using iPhone for ages, I’ve read various comments and discussions on forums, and social sites like Reddit, where people are expressing how irritating the App Library is.

Many users are asking for a solution to hide App Library, remove App Library on iOS, or whatever it takes to get rid of App Library. Hence, I’ve decided to answer a few questionnaires on the App Library on iPhone.

Can You Disable App Library on iPhone?

How to Show App Library on iPhone?

The App Library is located on the last page, swipe app pages through the end until you reach the App Library. This is Apple’s doing, we can’t adjust the App Library to the first page or in the middle, though, there is a tip to quickly access the App Library in iOS 14, jump to the next section for that.

How to Turn Off App Library on iOS?

No, you Don’t! Many iPhone users are searching for a trick to turn off App Library on iOS, as they are not convinced with this add-on. but you can remove apps from App Library without deleting, Apple has forcefully implemented this feature to every iPhone running iOS 14 or later, by not giving an ability to disable it. As of right now, there is no option available to disable App Library on iPhone.

How to Hide App Library on iOS?

In iOS, there is no luck with hiding App Library. However, after serious comments and condemnation, Apple should consider adding an option to hide the App Library. Stay tuned with this article, we’ll update as soon as we find any method to hide the app library on iOS.

How to Remove App Library on iOS?

As I said above, in iOS update, iPhone users are not allowed to remove App Library from iOS, can’t turn off App Library also there is no way to hide the App Library. We’re expecting, that in the next update Apple should add customization options for the App Library.

How to Edit App Library on iOS?

Managing and editing App Library on iPhone is pretty easy. Just get to the App Library and do what I say.

  • To Delete Apps from App Library: Touch and hold anywhere on the App Library screen and tap on (x) to delete the apps.
  • Move Apps to Home Screen: Long press the app and choose to Add to Home Screen.
  • Rename App Library: You cannot rename the preset categories and given a name by Apple. But follow the traditional method like create a folder on the home screen, rename it and add the apps of your likings.

How to Quickly Access App Library on iOS?

Do you love the App Library? It’s good, for a change, we all can use the App Library in iOS. I’m a fan of App Library, because, it’s hard to get such technology that organizes the Apps tracking our needs and requirements.

Though, the tedious part of App Library is, I’ve to swipe the screen to the end. Luckily, with few tweaks, you can hide all other app pages and bring the App Library in the front for quick access. Here’s how to do it.

  1. On your iPhone, long-press anywhere to activate Jiggle mode.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the dots.
  3. Now all the app pages will appear, deselect the ones you don’t need or deselect all of them.
  4. Tap Done.

Nothing to worry, you can still access all the installed apps from the App Library, besides, if you want to enable the app pages, they will appear as they were earlier.

How to Turn On App Library on iOS?

Once you update the iPhone to the latest iOS, the App Library is made available and enabled by default. There is no separate setting to turn on App Library on latest iOS. Swipe the app pages to the end, to access the App Library.

How to Organize App Library on iOS?

Apple iOS automatically organizes the App Library by filtering all the apps and adding them into various categories like Social, Entertainment, Productivity, Recently Added, Suggestions, and more. We don’t have to do anything, it uses smart intelligence, to organize the App Library.

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