iOS 16.5: Fix E-sim transfer from another iPhone Using Bluetooth not working

In this article, I’m gonna teach you why your esim can’t transfer to another iPhone using Bluetooth? There are some requirements that users will have to follow, Apple Says on its website. You might be forgot one of them to enable. Let’s see in-depth guide to fix E-sim transfer to another iPhone with Bluetooth won’t work as expected.


  • Both iPhones Should Nearby
  • Both iPhones Must be Unlocked
  • both devices running on iOS 16 and later
  • Bluetooth must be turned on on both smartphone

So above given all four criteria are most important to transfer your carrier E-Sim from the old iPhone to the new iPhone using the Bluetooth setting.

1. Make Sure your both Phone in range

we suggest you bring both phones nearby if placed between large distances. Hence, the E-Sim transfer process can establish connections quickly and easily. in short, the unwanted distance between both iPhones is unable to transfer E-Sim from one to another Phone.

2. Unlock your Phone screen

Unlock Your old and new Phone screen, Locked screen Phone lost trust between both devices. Please keep in mind all both iPhones are contract-free, and Screen must unlock by a passcode. Otherwise,

To unlock your phone screen, please enter your Digit passcode, or you can use Touch ID or Face ID scan to unlock both your phones.

3. both devices must installed the iOS 16 operating system

As mentioned above, both your Apple mobile installed iOS 16 or later firmware, cause of this is the special feature for iOS 16 and later firmware running iPhone users.
For example, your new iPhone has an iOS 16.XX and your old iPhone running with iOS 15 or iOS 14, then you will have to upgrade to iOS 16 First.
Steps to update your old iPhone to iOS 16;
open Settings App > Tap General > hit Software Update > wait till the screen check for upade.
After the iOS 16 update appears on screen, tap on Download and install, and follow the on-screen instructions.

After successfully installed iOS 16 on your old phone, you can transfer ESim from another iPhone Using Bluetooth.

Sometimes, the Bluetooth connection won’t work expected even toggle is turned on. in such case, your phone is running with outdated software; please install available latest iOS and retry the process as mentioned above.

4. Turn Bluetooth On on both iPhones

Open Settings App> Click Bluetooth > turn Bluetooth toggle green.

I hope, this guide was so much helpful for you. if you have any issues related to E-sim; please let me know in the comment box below.

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