iPhone Contacts Missing? 4 Ways to Fix it (iOS 16.5 Updated)

Without Restore, No Software & Without Erase, iPhone Contacts Missing in the contact app. The contact list is one of the most sensitive, just like precious lockers in the whole bank; No one can do provocation with the contact app. Hence, maybe you lost or cleared all saved contacts from your iOS device locally and then in iCloud after syncing it.

My suggestion about Contact is to take iPhone contacts backup from time to time. After being lost from the device, there are fewer possibilities of recovery or restoration after iPhone contacts are gone, find from older iCloud Backup or Mac/PC using iTunes. With the Auto-syncing contacts feature, Users can get it from different mail accounts, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Bing. 

However, you may be surprised by Contact suddenly disappearing from the iPhone contact app. This is my personal experience, and I revert it in-app using the below steps; let’s see what the circumstances are and how we reappear all contacts.

What to do when iPhone Contacts Missing after update? Get Fix it

Early morning, I set up Gmail in the iPhone mail app. After successfully login in, Screen asks to enable contacts, Calendar and note sync to iPhone automatically (Default selection is all enabled). After some time, I opened the contact app there all contacts (704) were not showing. And only showing Gmail contacts (4).

Now I found a hidden contacts list from app settings. So you can manually choose which contacts group you want to show within the app.

Solution #1. Enable iCloud Syncing on your iPhone from Settings

Your Apple iCloud Account will keep All Contacts Backup on iCloud. So You Can Easily Fetch or Get all your contacts on Another iPhone or New iPhone when you use the same iCloud (Apple ID) account. 

Here are the steps for enabling iCloud Backup and Sync Missing iCloud contacts in Backgroud. Afterward, as the next clue mentions, we can Manage from your Contacts app.

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone > Tap on Your Name.
Manage iCloud Account Settings on iPhone
Manage iCloud Account Settings on iPhone
  • Now, Tap on iCloud > Scroll to Contacts and Enable the Toggle to Start Syncing.
  • Enable iCloud Contacts from iPhone Settings
    Enable iCloud Contacts from iPhone Settings
  • All the Contacts will be Downloaded and Shown in the Contacts app. That’s it.
  • if this is not workable for you to recover iPhone Contacts Missing, Let’s follow the second clue.

    Solution #2. Enable iCloud Contacts on your iPhone Contacts App

    • Step 1: From the Contact app, Tap on groups from the top right corner of the screen.
    Enable iCloud Contacts from Group
    Enable iCloud Contacts from Group
  • Step 2: All created default groups are: All iCloud, All Gmail…
  • Step 3: Tap on All iCloud. Tap on Done for Save,
  • Select iCloud Contacts on iPhone Contacts app
    Select iCloud Contacts on the iPhone Contacts app
  • That’s it. (After setup on a new iPhone with iCloud.com/Contacts, Apple Saved all contacts in your iCloud account first).
  • Here is also an option for only accessing others’ group lists or not iCloud.

    Solution #3. Contacts Saved From WhatsApp Not Showing on iPhone Contacts App

    here I am sharing the problems that really helped me to find contacts on the iPhone contacts app that saved from WhatsApp chat conversations.

    Saved WhatsApp contacts will easily be found in the WhatsApp app but cannot search on the iPhone contacts app after saving. Follow the below steps,

    1. Open the Contacts app on the iPhone.
    2. Next, Tap on the Group option at the top left corner of the iPhone screen.
    Groups option on iPhone Contacts app
    Groups option on iPhone Contacts app
  • Select the first option, Show all contacts, And Tap on done to save it.
  • Show All Contacts on iPhone contacts app or Phone app on iPhone
    Show All Contacts on iPhone contacts app or Phone app on iPhone
  • Now, You fixed that problem. Search with the missing contact name from the iPhone phone app or contacts app.
  • That’s it.
  • Solution #4. Import SIM Contacts To Your Contacts App on iPhone

    if all the Contacts are saved on your SIM memory, then you can import SIM contacts to your iPhone Contacts app. So, Apple Only Import All SIM contacts Directly to Synced Accounts like (iCloud, Gmail, or Outlook). On Import time, Your iPhone will ask Where to Import. And Then Follow the Above Solution to Enable Your Account where you Imported.

    • Step 1: Open Settings app on iPhone > Scroll to Contacts.
    Contacts Settings on iPhone
    Contacts Settings on iPhone
  • Step 2: Tap on Import SIM Contacts > Select Import SIM Contacts to Account (Gmail, Outlook, iCloud..)
  • Import SIM Contacts to iCloud on iPhone from Settings
    Import SIM Contacts to iCloud on iPhone from Settings
  • Step 3: Just a Few Seconds, Process will appear on the screen, I Recommend selecting iCloud. But if you wish to import Contacts to Gmail or Outlook account then select that account and Enable from Group as of Explained earlier.
  • Process for Importing SIM Contacts
    Process for Importing SIM Contacts
  • Step 4: That’s it.
  • The above step is also useful for whom find the way for iPhone contacts to go and restore all contacts from iCloud without iCloud backup or iTunes. Enable iCloud contacts group in the contact app.

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