Error Connecting To iCloud? Here’s Fix of 2023

Here you will get a full troubleshooting guide on How To Fix “Verification Failed There was an error connecting to the apple id server 2023.

The most common iTunes and Apple ID connection error is the message verification also failed sometimes you will see there was an error in connecting your Apple ID. People are using a different methods to use the account on the new iPhone and old iPhone. Here I am talking about the new iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Error Connecting Apple ID, Verification Failed? here’s Fix

Follow The Below Quick Fix,

  1. You have a good internet connection with cellular data or a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Correct Date and time or set to automatically.
  3. Use one Apple ID for all the Apple services like FaceTime, apple store iTunes, messages, and game center.
  4. Log out your Apple ID settings app and log in to Apple ID to reset the login session on Apple Server.
  5. If you are connected from the VPN services, disable the VPN, and try to again.
  6. Force Restart or Hard Reboot iPhone.
  7. Use the alternate device to Get Verification Code and use that code to sign in, for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: open the Settings app > tap on your name > Password & Security > tap on Get Verification Code.
    • If you own Mac, then click on the Apple logo > System Preferences > Apple ID option > Password & Security > Get Verification Code.

Generally, this error message will appear on the screen after restart or reboot the device or sometimes update iOS with the latest version. For authentication purposes, every iOS update required the apple ID login that you are using on your iOS device.

And the problem is that some people are using different Apple IDs for iCloud data! Contacts, messages, free download purchased the app, sync applications, and Apple Store apps.

At that time, iCloud Apple ID is your primary Apple ID, which we need to sign the data back after the update or on the new device.

We can fix the issue by simply Re-login using a password for that Apple ID you saw on your screen.

Solution 1: Check the Apple Service status it should be up in your country

Device Activation needs authentication from the apple server. Connect your iPhone using your Account and Register your Device under the account. You should check Apple Server status for different services like App Store, iTunes, iMessage, and more. Check the Apple System Status Page from here.

Solution 2: Set Date and Time Automatically

For privacy and security reason, your device didn’t get updated on time and date. That doesn’t match with the Apple Server.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad.
  2. Next to the settings, tap on the General option.
  3. Scroll to the Date and Time option.
  4. Enable toggle for Set Automatically.

Solution 3: Sign out Apple ID and Sign In Again

Manually verify apple ID after logout from the settings app on the iPhone.

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iOS device.
  2. Next, to the settings, tap on the profile name.
  3. Scroll to the iTunes and App Store.
  4. Tap on the Apple ID, and from the account menu popup, tap on the sign-out.
  5. And Sign in again.

Solution 4. Hard Reboot or Force Restart your iPhone

  • Quickly Press and Release Volume up button.
  • Quickly Press and Release the Volume Down button.
  • Now only press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on screen after the black screen.

Solution 5. Restore iPhone to Recovery Mode using iTunes

Factory reset or Update iOS will auto-fix all the internal glitches automatically. If you are confused and unable to find the error, issues something from WiFi, Cellular, Software Problems, and more.

Install iTunes on your Mac and PC to the latest version. Open iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC. Force restart or Hard Reboot in recovery mode.

  • Press and quickly release the volume up button.
  • Now Press and Quickly release the volume down button.
  • Now only Press and Hold the side button for at least 10 seconds, After that, your iPhone will show a black screen only with the iTunes logo and Lightning cable. Also iTunes popup with the message, your iPhone is in recovery mode so we can update or Restore (ipsw) method to reinstall the iOS copy on iPhone.

That’s the screen for recovery mode.

Now, Launch iTunes on Mac or PC. Connect your iPhone to iTunes via lightning cable, iTunes will pop up that your iPhone is in recovery mode; and We can update or Restore using the button in the popup.

  1. Restore Option: This option will erase all the data and install New iOS on the iPhone. Also, Use iTunes to set up your iPhone, which will restore all the data back to the iPhone.
  2. Backup Option: This option will only update the iOS version to the latest version without Data loss.

Solution 6. Reset Network Settings

Wi-Fi is disconnecting over time and reconnecting again and again. Completely erase all the settings.

  • Go to the Settings app on iPhone, or iPad > Tap on General.
  • Scroll to Reset > Reset Network Settings.

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