Fixed: iOS 8 Crash on receive Message on iPhone, iPad

Auto Restart/ switch Off iPhone, when Message notification will be receive from the another iPhone, iPad users. Apple reportedly gives all the Message users who are facing problem on iOS 8 crash on receive Message from the other device. Most of the folks known the issue with iMessage, and are you trying to fix any way, from prank, here are the prevention steps for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple watch also.

Still you have to wait till Apple will release software update with Message bug fixed. For the normal text message, Message working perfectly but for Unicode character and Some Symbol is creating problem.

Most go with below steps for short out iOS 8 crash on receive Message text.iOS 8 crash on receive Message on iPhone, iPad

Steps for fix iOS 8 crash on receive Message text from another iOS device

Step 1: Go to the Setting App on iOS 8 iPhone, iPad.

Step 2: Now, Go with the Notifications

Step 3: Then Choose Massage, and Disable Message notification alert on iOS 8.

Now try by Sending Message and Check at the receiving end. Your iOS 8 device cant sohring notification in notification tag but showing message inside Message app.

For you Apple watch, follow the same steps for Apple watch App

Step 1: open Apple Watch App, in your iPhone

Step 2: Next, Tap on Notification > Messages > Custom > and Disable Show Alerts.

Recently iPhone running on iOS 8 also crash by receiving Twitter, Snapchat text message in notification centre at the receiving end.

According to the guardian news report on iOS 8 bug fixed on Message crash whole iOS and iPhone shutdown.

Not only iOS 8 crash, But when you tried to open Old message conversation in iMessage app that has been used some special character or Unicode character in message string, Message app gone auto close or crash.

Apart the this solution you picked or found best solution and more problem related iOS 8 crash on receive Message or Send message through Message app or on Social apps (Twitter, Snapchat, FaceBook) let’s share with others on comment box.

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