How to Save/Access Google map offline on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

Google map offline on iPhone, really help to all iOS users who have updated Google map app. Before you go outside or in poor network coverage area, you can plan or prepare own self by storing map data in your iOS device locally for offline use. Google Map officially allow for download region, City or State.

Note: in behalf of more perfection and easily find location, you can save limited area range predefined by Google. Also there is a no limitation on how much place you downloaded from Map. All downloaded area will be listed in Google Map app setting.

Steps for Download/ Use Google Map offline on iPhone, iPad

Step 1: Download and install Google Map on iPhone/ iPad from app store.

Step 2: Open Google Map app on iPhone, Search location name that you want use for offline. (Other Wise you will got the message: Area too large. Zoom in).

Here I saved New York City in United States. Other Wise zoom map by pinch two fingers on map.

Tap on the Name of Your Search from bottom screen.

Now you can download for offline, Bookmark or save in your account for easy access.

Step 3: Next, Tap on three vertical dot menu icon.Google map offline on iPhone, iPad

Step 4: Now, in result you will get option for save Google map offline. For that tap on Save Offline map option.

Step 5: Next, Tap on download button from bottom. Give your name for easy to find in list from previously downloaded locations.Download Location region on Map

For text, put your iPhone in to airplane mode: WiFi and Cellular automatically turn off.

Now, from Google Map app tap account info icon from top left or slide your finger from right screen edge to left.

Go with Your Places > See all saved location in your Map.Google Map app for iPhone view offline

That’s it. You successfully saved or download map for Google map offline on iPhone, iPad from any iOS version.