How To Play YouTube in Background On iPhone, Android in 2023

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Usually, we always get the Google’s YouTube app update and it bug fixes or added a little new feature in its app. But there is no element to playing music or video on iPhone, iPad background or with turn the screen off/lock screen or while you use other apps. Since you might be looking to listen to YouTube audio, Playlist or Play YouTube Videos in the background on iPhone and iPad or iPod or Android, okay let’s follow my post carefully. We will show you here an ideal way of playing YouTube in the background on iPhone, iPad and also on Android phones.

Not required any particular app to follow the given method but just you need the latest Safari browser. If you have upgraded the Safari app, then that’s it. This workaround will work on all the iOS including iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and Android phones. Enjoy YouTube in the background on your smartphone.

Learn How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iOS, Android

Play YouTube in Background on iOS 13 or Later

  1. Navigate to the Safari App on your iPhone, iPad.
  2. Go to YouTube’s official website.
  3. Search for the song that you want to play in the background.Open Safari and type in URL Bar
  4. Tap on Aa near the URL section.Tap on AA
  5. Select Request to Desktop Website.Select Request Desktop Website
  6. You can ensure that YouTube plays a video on iOS, by tapping on switch tabs icon.Tap on Tabs Switch
  7. Close the Safari App on your iOS device.
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Play YouTube Videos in Background on iOS 12 or Earlier

  1. Go to the Safari.
  2. Open YouTube, and enter a search string to search song.
  3. And Play YouTube video.
  4. Then, tap on the Share sheet.
  5. From the Share sheet, find and tap on the Request Desktop Site.
  6. That’s it, you can switch tabs on Safari app to surf or even close the Safari app to play games.

How to Play/Pause YouTube Background Video from Control Center

Pull Down the Control Center

For iPhone X or Later, pull down the Control Center from the top-right screen, just like the below sample screenshot.

For iPhone 8Plus or Earlier, pull up the Control Center from the bottom, tap on the Play/Pause icon in Music Player.

Play YouTube in Background on Android

  1. Launch the Google Chrome App on your phone.
  2. Type com and search song on YouTube.
  3. Look at the three-verticle dots on the top-right screen.
  4. Scroll down and tap Desktop Site.
  5. Close the Google Chrome app while YouTube video is playing in the background.

For Older iOS and iPhone: Check Tips and Tricks to Play YouTube Videos

YouTube Video in Background play means you want to listen to music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Speaker. Follow the tricks below, (We can’t play YouTube App Background on iDevice), On Locked Screen YouTube App automatically stop to play Video or Audio.

  1. Launch the Safari browser, the default browser of iPhone, iPad
  2. Now tap on search/address bar and enter
  3. Tap on the magnifying glass icon and search item that you want to play.
  4. Let’s starts playing a video and turn your screen lock.
  5. Through that, your YouTube music/video will be paused automatically so go on the next step.
  6. Now again turn the screen on and Swipe up the iPhone screen to launch the Control center.
  7. Now tap on Play icon, appear above AirDrop,
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iOS 11 control center UI changed (See Screen below for iOS 10/9/8), But for access YouTube player control in iOS 11, Swiping up a finger in the display, Tap & Hold on Music Widget for popping up full-screen Music Player.

You’re done!

I Hope, you can now launch another app, such as Messages, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook or Mail and keep listening while using that app.

You can also add YouTube browser page on your iPhone/ iPad Home screen, just follow the below steps.

Make your YouTube Video Shortcut on the Home Page

This is a great Features for Safari app, Any web page we can set on iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch home screen in the same way.

  1. Navigate to the YouTube App on your iPhone, iPad.Launch YouTube App
  2. Tap on Share icon of currently playing YouTube video.
  3. Select Add to Home Screen.Select Add to Home Screen
  4. Give a page name and tap Add.Tap Add to Add YouTube Home Page

Let’s share your feedback as a caption in the comments. And tell us how’s feeling to Play YouTube videos in the background on iPhone, iPad.

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