Best Apple Pencil Cap Holders in 2024 (Never Misplaced)

Apple is the most loved brand by tech enthusiasts due to its wide variety of accessories options. If you own an apple pencil, you must have an Apple pencil cap holder to prevent it from dirt and getting misplaced. It’s important to choose the ideal cap holder for your needs among the many cutting-edge styles, materials, and attachment choices available. 

In this article, we have made a list of some of the best Apple Pencil cap holders available, highlighting their features and benefits.

1. TechMatte

TechMatte Apple Pencil Cap Holders


Item Weight0.352 ounces
Special featuresMagnetic hold for safety

Pros of using Techmatte apple pencil cap holder:

  • It is easily compatible with Apple pencils
  • Powerful magnetic hold
  • It comes with one replacement cap in case you loose one

The TechMatte Magnetic Replacement Cap for Apple Pencil is the perfect accessory for Apple Pencil users. It is compatible with most Apple Pencils and offers a secure magnetic grip on the charging end, ensuring it won’t fall off. Moreover, it is easy to install; it slides smoothly onto the pencil for a firm hold. The TechMatte Pencil Cap Holder is crafted from durable silicone, which attaches to your pencil, ensuring you never lose your cap again. 


APETOO Apple Pencil Cap Holders


Item Weight0.634 ounces
Special featuresMagnetic design and robust silicone holder hold

Pros of using APETOO pencil cap holder:

  • It contains caps, magnets plus silicone holder
  • It has 180 days warranty with lifetime customer service
  • It is made with premium eco-friendly material

The APETOO Pencil Cap Holder is a must-have for 1st generation Apple Pencil users. It is crafted from high-quality ABS and silicone materials and offers great compatibility with various iPad models, including the 10th-generation iPad. It includes an anti-loss silicone holder that keeps the cap firmly attached, preventing it from getting lost; this cap and holder combo ensures long-lasting durability. It has a 180-day warranty and responsive customer service, so you don’t have to worry if any issue arises. 

3. Hiicopa

Hiicopa Apple Pencil Cap Holders


Item Weight0.317 ounces
Special featuresmagnetic adsorption

Pros of using Hiicopa:

  • It comes with a charging adapter and replacement cap
  • Built-in magnetic design
  • You can easily attach and detach without hassle

The Hiicopa Pencil Cap Holder is the best accessory for Apple Pencil, 1st gen users. It features a magnetic replacement cap that effortlessly stays in place. The silicone cap cover connects the pen to the cap, which will prevent loss and allow easy carrying. You get one magnetic replacement cap, one silicone protective cap, and one charging adapter, offering a complete solution for Apple Pencil care. You can contact customer support anytime in case of queries or any assistance. 

4. PencilCozy

PencilCozy Apple Pencil Cap Holders


MaterialMedical grade silicone
Item Weight0.106  ounces
Special featuresAnti-slip
PriceStarts from $4.91 to $14.91

Pros of using PencilCozy: 

  • It’s a perfect fit for a first-generation Apple pencil
  • It has a lifetime money-back guarantee
  • It offers superior stylus protection

The PencilCozy Apple Cap Holder is the perfect accessory for your Apple Pencil. It offers superior protection to your Apple stylus with its decent design, preventing your Apple Pencil from rolling off surfaces and safeguarding it during your travels. Plus, with a lifetime money-back guarantee, you can trust in its quality. You can explore its multipack options and various other colors for added convenience and personalization. 

5. Fintie

Fintie Apple Pencil Cap Holders


MaterialSilicone, rubber
Item Weight0.211 ounces
Special featuresPerfect rubber hold to prevent falling

Pros of using Fintie apple pencil cap holder:

  • Easy to install and use without hassle
  • Made from high-quality silicone grip for extra security
  • Compact and light-weight

The Fintie Apple Cap Holder is tailor-made for Apple Pencil 1st Generation and offers compatibility with a range of iPads. It is manufactured from durable silicone rubber and is easy to install. It has a secure grip on your Apple Pencil, preventing it from falling off. The package includes three Pencil Cap Holders, ensuring you have spares on hand. Please note that Apple Pencil and its cap are not included.

6. MoKo

MoKo Apple Pencil Cap Holders


Item Weight0.24 ounces
ColorWhite and black (more colors available)
Special featuresElastic silicone material

Pros of using MoKo:

  • It is easy to install and remove
  • You get 1 Apple cap holder and a charging adapter
  • It offers robust protection due to best quality silicone

The MoKo Apple Cap Holder is a perfect companion that ensures your pencil cap remains secure while you’re using the pencil, preventing it from rolling off. It also secures the data cable to the Micro USB adapter with ease of installation and removal. Crafted from elastic silicone, it provides a secure grip, and the package includes two pieces: one for the Apple Pencil cap and one for the charging adapter. Moreover, you can easily install and take it off according to your convenience.


MEKO Apple Pencil Cap Holders


Item Weight18.14 grams
ColorSilver, white
Special featuresAnti-slip

Pros of using MEKO:

  • Soft, durable, and secure
  • It is easily compatible with all touchscreens
  • It has a premium-grade silicone grip to prevent slipping

The MEKO Apple Cap Holder is crafted from environmentally friendly silicone, which is safe, soft, and durable. It is specifically designed for Apple Pencil the cap holder, nib cover, and cable adapter tether protect your pencil from damage and loss. The cap can work as a stylus for touchscreens when your Apple Pencil is out of power, while the clip prevents it from rolling. The silicone protective grip ensures a secure hold, eliminating worries about slipping or sliding during use. 

Final words

Hope you found the above article helpful in exploring the best range of Apple pencil cap replacement. You must invest in an apple pencil cap holder in order to provide extra security to the apple pencil. These cap holders come in a variety of styles, from silicone grips to magnetic patterns, and are essential tools for anyone using an Apple Pencil. Which Apple pencil top replacement has caught your attention? Comment your thoughts and recommendations for Apple accessories in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What does the cap on the Apple Pencil do?

The cap on the Apple Pencil serves two basic purposes. For starters, it safeguards the pencil’s charging lightning connector. Second, it can be removed to reveal a replacement tip, which can be utilized to keep the pencil’s precision and responsiveness while also prolonging its lifespan.

Q2. How do I secure my Apple Pencil cap?

When charging or not in use, make sure your Apple Pencil cap is snugly positioned over the lightning connector. If you’re worried about losing it, you can also attach it to the magnetic side of your iPad (compatible with certain models) for safekeeping, which will protect it from falling out.

Q3. What is the point of the Apple Pencil cap?

It is given for providing EXCELLENT STYLUS PROTECTION. Using a cap holder prevents your Apple Pencils from rolling off uneven surfaces and safeguards the pencil while you’re on the go. 

Q4. Can I Write With the Pencil Cap?

No, the Apple Pencil cap cannot be used to write with. The cap contains a replacement tip and acts as a protective cover for the lightning connector. It would not function at all if you tried to write on it. You should use the genuine Apple Pencil tip on a supported device while writing or drawing.

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